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Assessing the Risks of Migrating Your Offering to the Cloud
Assessing the Risks of Migrating Your Offering to the Cloud
by Ian Gotts
The numbers make the point. Migrating from the traditional on-premise model to cloud computing is a painful journey and costs you money. A story brings it to life: Looking at the resignation letter on my desk, I don’t understand how we got it so wrong. He was our top salesman and was the most vocal about offering a cloud solution alongside our existing product. And now he’s joining our biggest competitor, which hasn’t even considered the cloud. Why?
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SaaS for the Enterprise: Moving from Traditional (On-Premise) Software
SaaS for the Enterprise: Moving from Traditional (On-Premise) Software
by Jeff Saling
Aside from the arguments about what is “real” SaaS versus Cloud (private or public), many traditional software companies are looking at how to move with the market. Having spent the last few years creating a SaaS business within a traditional software company, I am sometimes asked to speak about the journey. Many assume it’s about creating the right multi-tenant architecture or sorting out the technical vagaries of a pure open-source technology stack. While the technology decisions and designs are critical, there are many things on the critical path. In this article, I’ll introduce just a few critical path items in technology, pricing, customer service and contracts.
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Negotiating Cloud Service Level Agreements
Negotiating Cloud Service Level Agreements
by J Bruce Daley & Alan Rudolph
The greatest value of negotiating a service level agreement comes from establishing a strong working relationship that allows the two parties to work together to mend the fence when it falls down.
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eDiscovery in the Cloud: A Nightmare Scenario
eDiscovery in the Cloud: A Nightmare Scenario
by James Berriman & Jack Notarangelo
Your company uses cloud computing as a cost-effective element of its business operations. And then one day your company is sued. What are the implications?
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The Four Step Method of Cloud Service Level Agreements
The Four Step Method of Cloud Service Level Agreements
by J Bruce Daley & Alan Rudolph
Despite some claims, all cloud computing services will be subject to outages. No system, however large, nor process, however elaborate, nor support, however fanatical, can prevent computers from occasionally going down. The important point to keep in mind is the word “occasionally”. Occasional outages should be expected, planned for, and accepted as cost of doing business. What determines the definition of an occasional outage is a negotiated agreement between two parties called a service level agreement (or SLA).
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Dome9 Cloud Street View for AWS Security: The Exponential Cloud Growth Visualization
Ofir Nachmani - Chief Evangelist at Newvem Insights Ltd.

With Dome9, AWS users get a visual picture of their AWS VPCs and security group configurations. According to Alon, their new capability reduces such security audit efforts significantly and has been proven to condense four hours of auditing work into a mere 15 minutes – quite impressive!

Orchestration -Amazon Simple Workflow Service and Microsoft System Center 2012 – Orchestrator
Mitesh Soni - Research Engineer at iGATE Patni

Orchestration describes the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware, and services. This usage of orchestration is often discussed in the context of service oriented architecture, virtualization, provisioning, Converged Infrastructure and dynamic datacenter topics. AWS has announced Simple Workflow Service to build scalable and resistant applications.

Amazon DynamoDB: NoSQL in Amazon Public Cloud
Mitesh Soni - Research Engineer at iGATE Patni

NoSQL Databases are built without relations. But is it really that “good” to go for NoSQL Databases? A world without relations, no joins and pure scalability! NoSQL databases typically emphasize horizontal scalability via partitioning, putting them in a good position to leverage the elastic provisioning capabilities of the cloud. Amazon has announced the immediate availability of Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. Lets find more details on it.

Cloud Computing and Project and Portfolio Management
Mitesh Soni - Research Engineer at iGATE Patni

Project portfolio management (PPM) is a term to describe methods for analyzing and collectively managing a group of current or proposed projects. Project management is an integrative endeavour – an action, or failure to take action, in one area will usually affect other areas. PPM attempts to address issues of resource allocation, e.g., money, time, people, capacity, etc. Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions will become increasingly important to managing successful cloud adoption and to providing visibility and control of the cloud services portfolio. PPM is the only product category that will see a significant increase over the next two years (up 13%) when it comes to managing public cloud migrations

An Angel Brings Voice to Twitter
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

The advantage of adding voice to the social experience is that it is a one-way voice print that can be analyzed. For enterprises with social customer contact centers, Angel’s voice transactions add a personal touch that otherwise couldn’t be achieved and the conversations can be analyzed and managed via metrics.

The Cloud Lock-In (Part 1): Public IaaS is Great !
Ofir Nachmani - Founder and Author at I Am OnDemand blog

Does the cloud present a major lock-in ? Does the move create substantial switching costs? “Yes !” is the common answer I hear for those questions. In this article I will debate it basing my findings on real cloud adoption cases. Learn more about IaaS lock-in.

Cloud Computing - The Road Ahead
Damu Kuttikrishnan - Sr. IT Business Consultant at AEIT

This article titled "Cloud Computing - The Road Ahead" talks about the future market size for different cloud computing models, present industry trends, top research firms' predictions and how organizations should view it from an overall IT standpoint.

Your Company's Next Secret Weapon: Cloud APIs
Charles Babcock - Author & Editor-at-Large at Information Week

Getting well-designed and well-managed application programming interfaces into the marketplace for developers to use may be just as important as having a corporate website, agreed a panel at the cloud-oriented Structure 2011 show Thursday in San Francisco.

Should RFP Responses Be Included in SaaS Agreements?
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

Background: Where is this whole idea even coming from? Many customers are counseled or taught (BTW, there are lots of companies teaching your customers how to negotiate and buy from you) to send out long RFPs that ask for the world (lots of detailed questions about your solution . . . more information than they probably need), and then when it comes to the contract stage they too often demand that your whole RFP response become part of the final contract. Well, I think this is a really bad idea, and here are 3 reasons why. Just a few thoughts for any company looking for growth capital or a venture capital investment.

Cloud Computing and Licensing Models
Mitesh Soni - Research Engineer at iGATE Patni

Software licensing and pricing models are generally not lauded as intuitive, simple, or user-friendly. Unfortunately, many suppliers have chosen to continue offering only restrictive licenses or conditions of use. The restrictions that made sense in a physical world, didn’t work at all well in a virtual or cloud environment. Software license models in the cloud are often pay-as-you-go and/or subscription based licenses. The best known example is—licensed according to the number of users on a subscription basis.

Can an IM Conversation Change a Written Contract?
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

The answer is, yes. A very recent case ruled that the parties’ conversation on only IM changed the contract, even though there was nothing actually signed to reflect the change (as one of the venture capital advisors to the OpenView portfolio, I am always looking for cases like this for companies seeking growth capital or a venture capital investment). Does this sound like a crazy result? Actually not, so let’s run through the actual IM conversation, the legal logic, and what you can learn from this case.

3 ‘PRIVACY’ Takeaways from the Google Buzz FTC Settlement in March 2011
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

As you may have heard, Google settled with the Federal Trade Commission regarding its rollout of Google Buzz and its alleged privacy violations during that rollout. There are a few tips here for every company seeking a venture capital investment or growth capital, so I have tried to outline/simplify them for you.

Where to Go For Software Negotiation Training
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

There are many different places to go for negotiations training (in general), but where is a great place for learning about the art of software negotiations with customers, partners, etc. (especially for any company seeking growth capital or a venture capital investment)? I highly recommend the Program on Negotiations at Harvard. I have attended some of their seminars, read some of their books, and have found that there is no better methodology for software customer and partner negotiations (from the perspective of the software vendor for say their software or SAAS contract negotiations). You ask why the PON is great, well let me elaborate.

Innovation Strategy Needs IT Input
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

With product innovation and differentiation critical to business success, IT should have a larger role in innovation strategy across the enterprise.

What You Must Learn from a Survey of 358 Trade Secret Cases
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

A recent survey of over 358 reported trade secret cases (from 1995-2009) has some great nuggets for every software or SAAS company looking for growth capital or a venture capital investment. Without going into the legal nitty gritty (which I know you want me to skip), here are 3 takeways (after I define ‘trade secret’).

Why Some Companies Successfully Innovate and Others Don't
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

Collaboration, communication, and automation separate the successful from the strugglers.

2 Practical Reasons Why You Need an API License Agreement!
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

I have been delaying writing a blog post about API licensing, as I could not find a good real world example to go along with the post. Well, Twitter just gave me that real world example. They recently changed their API license agreement, which caused quite an uproar in the Twitter community. Take a read below, as every company seeking a venture capital investment or growth equity should be aware of these 2 great reasons why companies with an API need an API license agreement (instead of going naked with no agreement).

Linking and the GPL: Technical and Legal Update 2011
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

I finally found a really useful working paper and law review article written by some European open source attorneys and the Free Software Foundation Europe on linking issues and the GPL license. I think that every software based business seeking a venture capital investment or growth capital should be aware of this, as it is really hard to get some good practical guidance on open source legal issues. As a bonus, this perspective tries to marry the legal analysis with the technical analysis. Take a read!

Should I Make Long-Term or Short-Term Commitments to My SAAS Customers?
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

Have you thought about which parts of your SAAS customer contractual commitments should be a short-term, and which part should be a long-term? Well, if you are looking for growth equity or a venture capital investment and you have not thought about it, then how about we do that now?

Capacity Aggregation: Cloud's Great Experiment
James Urquhart - Manager, Cloud Computing & Virtualized Data Centers Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc

There is a facet to the cloud story that is very exciting right now: innovation on the core technical and operational models that form the basis of distributed computing. Cloud has made new ways of acquiring and consuming infrastructure, platforms, and applications readily available to an increasingly broad market of potential users. The financial model makes failure much cheaper and the ease of access and experimentation makes cloud a new tool for technologists trying to solve new problems that weren't possible before.

Contributions Results for Vendors: Research & Development

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Making Money in the App Economy - Zuora Billing & Payment Solutions
Tien Tzuo - Founder & CEO at Zuora, Inc

Are you a developer, ISV, or enterprise building apps? Cloud Computing platforms makes it easy for anyone to build an app, but monetizing your app for subscription is hard. The CEO and co-founder of Zuora and former chief strategy officer at, Tien Tzuo, sares the challenges that developers, ISVs, and enterprises face when moving to the cloud and the strategies that must be deployed to make money in today's app economy.

Cloud Computing is Enabling Innovation and Faster Time to Market
Werner Vogels - VP, CTO at, Inc

The CTO at talks about how cloud computing is helping boost business in this market.

Cisco CTO on Innovation
Padmasree Warrior - Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems, Inc

Cisco CTO, Padmasree Warrior, discusses Cisco's philosophy for innovation, current market trends and the biggest challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs today.

The CTO at Amazon Gives Advice for the Future Iteem Entrepreneurs
Werner Vogels - VP, CTO at, Inc

Werner Vogels, CTO at, gives advice to future entrepreneurs on how to innovate on top of other services.

The CIO of Stratus on Sales Contract Management
Joe Graves - CIO at Stratus Technologies, Inc

The CIO at Stratus, Joe Graves, discusses the problems his organisation faced with Sales Contract Management and how he addressed it by using SpringCM Sales Contract Management with

Core, Content and the Cloud
Geoffrey Moore - Author, Co Founder & Managing Director at TCG Advisors, LLC

The Managing Director at TCG Advisors on the Business Drivers that are Shaping the Cloud Computing Industry.

Examining RightNow's Cloud Service Agreement
Amy Konary - Director, Software Pricing, Licensing & Delivery at IDC Research, Inc

CRM vendor, RightNow, announced a new service as a service agreement. Amy Konary, IDC pricing and licensing analyst, discusses how innovative the new policies really are.

Minds for Sale
Jonathan Zittrain - Professor of Law & Co-Founder & Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

A new range of projects are making the application of crowdsourcing as purchasable over the cloud as additional server rackspace. Professor of Law and co-founder of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, dives into the ethics and issues surrounding cloud labor.

Just the Essentials: Focus on the Core
Geoffrey Moore - Author, Co Founder & Managing Director at TCG Advisors, LLC

After three decades of delivering systems of record, IT must focus on collaboration. With Global communications and supply chain disaggregated, the Cloud is the key to help businesses focus on their core and increase innovation.

James Urquhart on Cloud Computing
James Urquhart - Manager, Cloud Computing & Virtualized Data Centers Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc

Dells Cloud Computing Evangelist, Barton George, talks to James Urquhart at CloudWorld. They discuss how the conversation has changed from "What is Cloud" to questions of how to replicate some of the recent Cloud success stories. James gives examples of how businesses are reacting to cloud computing and where the biggest interest is coming from. They also discusses how the Cloud has lowered the VC capital that start-ups require to get set up and going, how internal IT needs to start realizing they are no longer delivering a product but a service, how regulatory and industry standards will be what dictates the speed of the clouds evolution and not technology, and much more.

Contributions Results for Vendors: Research & Development

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Can You See Beyond the Clouds? PDF
Rauline Ochs - SVP & General Manager at IPED at Everything Channel

This eBook provides insight into how service providers and vendors can work together to unlock the strategic and monetary potential behind cloud-based sales.

Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing
Mark Skilton - Global Director at Capgemini
Company Profile: Open Group Cloud Work Group

Prepared by the Cloud Business Artifacts (CBA) project of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group. This White Paper presents the initial conclusions from The Open Group on how to build and measure Return on Investment (ROI) from Cloud Computing. It Introduces the main factors affecting ROI from Cloud Computing, and compares the business development of Cloud Computing with that of other innovative technologies. It also describes the main approaches to building ROI by taking advantage of the benefits that Cloud Computing provides and describes approaches to measure this ROI, absolutely and in comparison with traditional approaches to IT, by giving an overview of Cloud Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics. The result is an analysis of how to build and measure ROI that will help businesses to reap the benefits of Cloud Computing, and take advantage of its potential for incremental improvement and disruptive transformation of business processes.

Cloudbus Toolkit for Market-Oriented Cloud Computing PDF
Company Profile: University of Melbourne

By Rajkumar Buyya, Suraj Pandey, and Christian Vecchiola

Evaluating the Cost-Benefit of Using Cloud Computing to Extend the Capacity of Clusters
Company Profile: University of Melbourne

By Marcos Dias de Assuncao, Alexandre di Costanzo and Rajkumar Buyya

Subscription Software Licensing: The Future Is Now
Amy Konary - Director, Software Pricing, Licensing & Delivery at IDC Research, Inc

This IDC study presents IDC's recommendations for vendors that are considering offering a subscription licensing option for customers. In particular, the focus is on vendors that have historically offered perpetual licensing as their predominate approach. While the ideal time to start transitioning toward flexible licensing models like subscription was probably three to four years ago, major licensing changes within established software companies happen at a glacial pace and there is probably still time to play catch-up. The key for vendors considering making changes to their licensing approach is to focus on the needs of existing and future customers.

SLA@SOI Overview PDF
Company Profile: SLA@SOI

The research project SLA@SOI will provide a major milestone for the further evolution towards a service-oriented economy, where IT-based services can be flexibly traded as economic goods, i.e. under well defined and dependable conditions and with clearly associated costs. Eventually, this will allow for dynamic value networks that can be flexibly instantiated, thus driving innovation and competitiveness.

Market-Oriented Cloud Computing: Vision, Hype, and Reality for Delivering IT Services as Computing Utilities PDF
Company Profile: University of Melbourne

By Rajkumar Buyya, Chee Shin Yeo, and Srikumar Venugopal

The Innovation Issue
Doug Neal - Research Fellow, Executive Programme at CSC Leading Edge Forum

Innovation is back on the business agenda. After four long years of post-bubble caution and skepticism about IT, companies are once again looking to technology as an important source of value creation and competitive advantage. This report focuses mostly on practical steps we can all take, whether it is how to improve collaboration via technologies such as videoconferencing, inject more innovation into outsourcing partnerships, or simply how to better think about, plan for, and manage this often fuzzy and intangible topic. Companies are once again recognizing the importance of innovation, but they want to do a better job of delivering it. We hope this series of articles will help.

Microsoft Says to Spend 90% of R&D on Cloud Strategy
By: Aydan Eksin
Microsoft International President Jean-Philippe Courtois said the company will spend 90 percent of its $9.6 billion research and development budget on cloud strategy this year.
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Microsoft Adjusts Volume Licensing To Aid Customer Migrations To Cloud Computing
By: Rick Whiting
Microsoft is implementing a new volume licensing plan to help customers transition to cloud computing. Under the Volume Licensing Mobility plan that will be effective July 1, 2011, volume licensing customers will be able to deploy their application server licenses to the cloud without any additional purchase requirements, according to Microsoft. The plan will allow them to retain their Software Assurance benefits in the process.
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Cloud Computing and Patent Trolls: How To Prepare Now
By: David Taber
CIO - Here's the scenario: Your IT team writes a web service, and part of its WSDL interface includes a hash algorithm the team came up with on their own. You publish the API and your business partners use your clever little hash in integrating with across cloud services. Years later, you get a letter from a lawyer from a town in Texas you've never heard of, claiming you've infringed on a patent you never heard of. Your team scrambles to replace that hash algorithm, but that means a change to your API and some of your business partners resist making the change. It doesn't matter though: the infringement has already occurred, and you're going to pay somebody quite a bit of money even if you can prove your innocence.
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VMware Takes Aim At Cloud Cacophony With 'Your Cloud' Campaign
By: Kevin McLaughlin
There's a lot of noise in the cloud computing market, and the chatter is growing shriller by the day. VMware, in an effort to cut through the confusion, is playing up the choice and agility engendered by its approach to the cloud. The heavy-handedness of IT vendors' cloud computing messages suggests a need for customers to adapt their needs to what vendors are providing, and the notion of customer choice seems to have been lost in the fray, according to Rick Jackson, VMware's chief marketing officer.
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12 Hottest App Categories for Cloud Computing Shift
By: Larry Marion
The cloud computing/Software as a Service (SaaS) juggernaut is moving faster than you may think. Despite concerns about security, integration of on-premise and on-demand data and systems, and governance, large and medium-sized companies around the world are rapidly shifting some of their enterprise applications from their corporate data centers to the cloud-based servers of third parties. By 2012 between a third and almost half of these organizations will be relying on SaaS for human resources, finance, sales or other operational applications, according to a new survey.
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'Moving to' versus 'building for' cloud computing
By: James Urquhart
"Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie has written a memo that has generated tremendous buzz among the cloud-computing community. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced Ozzie's impending retirement from the company last week, and Ozzie took that opportunity to write "Dawn of a New Day," which outlines a future for computing that is both a challenge and opportunity for the software maker."
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VMware Adds Automation to Cloud IT Services
By: Chris Preimesberger
"As it previewed in September at VMworld 2010 in San Francisco, VMware now has added new cloud computing products and services to its catalog, making the announcements at VMworld Europe in Copenhagen on Oct. 13. Not only that, but the company also is making it easier for customers to pay for virtual infrastructure services by simplifying the pricing model."
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