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Finance Venture Capital
Hedge Funds Deploy in the Cloud
Hedge Funds Deploy in the Cloud
by Whitney Mountain
For many, hedge fund investing evokes images of ultra-sophisticated investors using cutting edge technology to execute sophisticated strategies in pursuit of superior returns. But for the world’s wealthiest people and institutions, the process of investing in those hedge funds is still handled in a very antiquated way. This story discusses how Hedge Fund Management is making it to the cloud.
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Unlocking the Commercial Potential in your Cloud Software
Unlocking the Commercial Potential in your Cloud Software
by Aidan Gallagher
For established software vendors, the cloud presents perhaps the greatest challenge they have yet faced. How do they reinvent their business for the new age? Afterall, they have existing technology, in the market, with paying customers, ongoing projects, legal obligations, and support & maintenance contracts. On the face of it, a shift to the cloud will cannibalize their business, erode their market share, and destroy their pipeline. And if the customer isn’t asking for it, why would you upset the applecart? This story discusses why ...
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Financial Services Industry and Applicable Cloud Benefits
Mitesh Soni - Research Engineer at iGATE Patni

As per, Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of organizations that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds and some government sponsored enterprises. Technology has been an indispensable “behind-the-scene associate” in the financial services industry, providing the innovative and incremental advances necessary for the industry to upgrade and expand its services. A pivotal attraction of Cloud Computing is an economic agenda that promises cost benefits, service advantages over traditional IT architectures which are based on having out-and-out resources for each business unit in an enterprise.

FTC's Negative Option Rule. What you Need to Know About Your Renewals!
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

The Federal Trade Commission (aka FTC) has a rule called the Negative Option Rule, which I really think every company seeking a venture capital investment or growth equity should think about. The definition.

Should RFP Responses Be Included in SaaS Agreements?
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

Background: Where is this whole idea even coming from? Many customers are counseled or taught (BTW, there are lots of companies teaching your customers how to negotiate and buy from you) to send out long RFPs that ask for the world (lots of detailed questions about your solution . . . more information than they probably need), and then when it comes to the contract stage they too often demand that your whole RFP response become part of the final contract. Well, I think this is a really bad idea, and here are 3 reasons why. Just a few thoughts for any company looking for growth capital or a venture capital investment.

Where to Go For Software Negotiation Training
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

There are many different places to go for negotiations training (in general), but where is a great place for learning about the art of software negotiations with customers, partners, etc. (especially for any company seeking growth capital or a venture capital investment)? I highly recommend the Program on Negotiations at Harvard. I have attended some of their seminars, read some of their books, and have found that there is no better methodology for software customer and partner negotiations (from the perspective of the software vendor for say their software or SAAS contract negotiations). You ask why the PON is great, well let me elaborate.

What You Must Learn from a Survey of 358 Trade Secret Cases
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

A recent survey of over 358 reported trade secret cases (from 1995-2009) has some great nuggets for every software or SAAS company looking for growth capital or a venture capital investment. Without going into the legal nitty gritty (which I know you want me to skip), here are 3 takeways (after I define ‘trade secret’).

2 Practical Reasons Why You Need an API License Agreement!
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

I have been delaying writing a blog post about API licensing, as I could not find a good real world example to go along with the post. Well, Twitter just gave me that real world example. They recently changed their API license agreement, which caused quite an uproar in the Twitter community. Take a read below, as every company seeking a venture capital investment or growth equity should be aware of these 2 great reasons why companies with an API need an API license agreement (instead of going naked with no agreement).

Linking and the GPL: Technical and Legal Update 2011
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

I finally found a really useful working paper and law review article written by some European open source attorneys and the Free Software Foundation Europe on linking issues and the GPL license. I think that every software based business seeking a venture capital investment or growth capital should be aware of this, as it is really hard to get some good practical guidance on open source legal issues. As a bonus, this perspective tries to marry the legal analysis with the technical analysis. Take a read!

Should I Make Long-Term or Short-Term Commitments to My SAAS Customers?
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

Have you thought about which parts of your SAAS customer contractual commitments should be a short-term, and which part should be a long-term? Well, if you are looking for growth equity or a venture capital investment and you have not thought about it, then how about we do that now?

Who OWNS your Sales Leads – You or Your Sales Rep?
Jeremy Aber - Founder at AberLawFirm

Hey, this used to be an easy answer (you owned them and you had possession of them), but in these days of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., it is not so simple. Here are some thoughts on this software sales compensation issue for any company looking for growth equity or a venture capital investment.

Cloud Computing and Commodity
James Urquhart - Manager, Cloud Computing & Virtualized Data Centers Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc

James Urquhart and Dave Linthicum talk about Cloud Computing as a commodity, and how this may play out as Cloud Computing providers mature.

Part 2: How Much Does it Take to Start a SaaS Company?
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

It definitely takes a commitment to build a true SaaS company, especially when you consider some facts about SaaS companies that have gone public. Hear is an overview of those facts and what they mean for start-ups.

Cloud Computing and Commodity
James Urquhart - Manager, Cloud Computing & Virtualized Data Centers Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc

Understanding Commodization and Commodification and how they apply to cloud computing.

How Much Investment Does it Take to Start a SaaS Company?
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

Here is a list of Public SaaS companies and the initial investments they required to get started. Entrepreneurs and investors may need a good deal of money to get going, but for those that reach critical mass and go public, there is a tremendous payback.

A Better Metric for Analyzing the Value of the Cloud
J P Morgenthal - Chief Architect at Merlin International

While you may be reading and hearing about positive financial and the economic analysis regarding the benefits of Cloud Computing, those anayses are based on unrealistic total cost of ownership (TCO), return on investment (ROI) and misinterpreted CapEx/OpEx calculations. These calculations are missing a complete understanding for the value of the Cloud in the IT service delivery equation, which is why comparing Cloud Computing alternatives requires a modern metric that fully understands the service delivery model.

SaaS Renewals and the Multiplier Effect
Peter Cohen - Managing Partner at SaaS Marketing Strategies Advisors

A description of the critical role of renewals to a successful SaaS business model. Includes an assessment of the leading SaaS vendors' cost of customer acquisition relative to the lifetime customer revenues.

Bootstrapping: Doing More for Your Business with Less
Sramana Mitra - Technology Strategy Consultant at Independent

A serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and Forbes columnist, Sramana Mitra takes aim at this essential route along the roadmap to startup success with Boostrapping: Weapon of Mass Reconstruction. Along with the incisive analysis and commentary that have popularized her blog and Forbes columns, Mitra showcases successful entrepreneurs and their lessons from the bootstrapping trenches. Important issues like doing more with less, getting started with little or no capital, and validating the market on the cheap are discussed.

A Q&A with the CEO of RightNow Technologies
Greg Gianforte - CEO at RightNow Technologies

It is a well kept secret that some of the leading companies arrived at the top without taking early venture capital funding. Today's market may call on companies to be more prudent in how they apply capital to generate returns. Greg Gianforte shares his experience of creating RightNow Technologies from a bootstrapped venture.

Doing Everything to Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

Kevin discusses a conversation he had with Bill Soward, CEO, and Greg Schneider, VP of Marketing at Adaptive Planning. He talks about the company's approach to building a SaaS sales pipeline in tough economic times.

Sramana Mitra on Entrepreneur Journeys
Sramana Mitra - Technology Strategy Consultant at Independent

Forbes magazine columnsit & entrepreneur, Sramana Mitra, shares entrepreneurial advice & tips gleaned from conversations with leading successful entrepreneurs & CEOs. She discusses business success in a recession, marketing, internet traffic building, finding good mentors & advisors, & thoughts on industries with the most profit potential in the next decade.

What are Venture Capitalists Saying About SaaS?
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

Kevin discusses what Venture Capital firms including Intel Capital, Emergence Capital Partners, ClossLink Capital, Hummer Winblad and Merrill Lynch are saying about the Software-as-a-Service market.

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The CEO of Nimbus
Ian Gotts - Founder & CEO at Nimbus

The CEO of Nimbus discusses what it takes to build a business and gives some advice to budding entrepreneurs at the Collaborate to Innovate Conference.

Venture Capital Roundtable: Trends & Strategies
Reid Hoffman - Executive Chairman & Co-Founder at LinkedIn, Inc

Navigating the venture landscape today has become quite tricky. A panel of some of the most respected venture capitalists discuss the most creative and effective strategies for venture capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs. They also provide insights into how they are making decisions and managing for success. Speakers include: Jay Hoag, Co-Founder, Technology Crossover Ventures, Reid Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, LinkedIn, and Matt Murphy, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The Panel is moderated by Geoffrey Yang, Founding Partner, Redpoint Ventures.

Entrepreneur Interview: Greg Gianforte
Greg Gianforte - CEO at RightNow Technologies Founder Pete Sveen talks to Greg Gianforte about how he started his businesses and advice for starting a new venture.

An Interview with Pankaj Malviya
Pankaj Malviya - CEO, CTO & Founder at LongJump - Relationals, Inc

Pankaj Malviya, founder and CEO of Relationals and LongJump, tells's Bambi Francisco in this interview how he grew Relationals to 5 million in annual revenue without the aid of venture capital.

Will the Cloud Be Tinged with Venture Capital Gold in 2011?
By: Alex Williams
The forces changing the enterprise are not lost on venture capitalists. They recognize the transformation as well as anyone. So much so that it looks like cloud computing investments are expected to be greater than those in other market sectors That's evident in just the past few days with three venture capital investments that total $55 million.
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