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Top Signs You Need NoSQL For Your Data
Charles Babcock - Author & Editor-at-Large at Information Week

Not everyone is sure whether they have big data or not, or whether they need a NoSQL system to handle it. One way to find out, said one adopter of a NoSQL approach, is to ask yourself whether it is taking you longer to process your data than it did to collect it.

Is BI’s Destiny In The Cloud?
Robin Bloor - Founder at Bloor Research

In a word – Yes. But it might not appear that way yet. So let me play the angel’s advocate and see where the logic takes us. The first point to make is that cloud computing is still young, in fact it’s very young – just out of kindergarten. So there are many CIO and data center managers that don’t have the confidence to dive in and do some serious computing in the cloud. And they have good reasons to hold back. Pioneers get scalped, as they say. There are legitimate concerns about the cloud in respect of security, manageability and actual service levels (as opposed to promised service levels) that suggest a cautious approach. But even the most conservative CIO believes that such problems will be solved and forgotten at some point in the future. So let’s not worry about concerns that will inevitably fade away.

The Future of Cloud Management
Ray DePena - Principal Advisor at

Reflections on discussion with Daniel Heimlich, Marketing Vice President for Netuitive. Netuitive team truly understood not only the magnitude of the industry challenge, given the ascent of the cloud, but it also understood what it will take to go from existing analytics platforms, designed to manage traditional legacy compute environments, to an intelligent, real-time, autonomic analytics platform designed for cloud computing environments. Netuitive is definitely a key player to watch in this segment, and those in the business of managing cloud environments would be well served to keep a watchful eye on future Netuitive developments as we welcome in the new year. A tectonic shift in cloud management is emerging, and Netuitive is well positioned to capitalize on that changing landscape.

Cloud Computing for Geospatial Applications PDF
Patrick Stingley - CTO at US Bureau of Land Management

The worst case scenario is not that a vendor charges us every 18 months for a new version of their product. It's not the cost of Patch Tuesday. It's that 5 years from now we won't be able to go back and refer to our data. Most agency applications are not designed to be able to be hosted in a cloud environment. They are vendor, hardware and platform dependent, which poses a threat to our long term ability to perform work. The long term gain of cloud computing will be the ability to perform our work indefinitely.

The Converging Worlds of BI and SaaS
Jeff Kaplan - Founder & Managing Director at THINKstrategies, Inc

THINKstrategies' Managing Director, Jeff Kaplan, discusses SaaS trends and the implications for companies seeking to satisfy their business intelligence needs.

Deploying a BI Solution Over the Web
Mani Gill - VP of OnDemand at Business Objects

Mani Gill explains how on-demand business intelligence (BI) allows users to deploy a BI solution over the Web with no server or software installation giving insight to customers and partners immediately, without involving IT. The Facebook of Cloud Computing?
By: Laura Stotler
There's a fresh face in Silicon Valley, and venture capitalists are making a bet his startup online storage company will do for cloud computing what Facebook (News - Alert) has done for social networking. The company is and its CEO is Aaron Levie, a 26-year-old USC dropout. Sound familiar? The company and its CEO share a number of similarities with Facebook and its infamous founder, Mark Zuckerberg (News - Alert), and that fact, along with a promising business plan, was enough to convince investors to drop $48 million on the growing enterprise. Based in Palo Alto (News - Alert), CA, offers online "storage lockers" for personal and corporate information.
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Cloud computing makes Oracle’s stack meaningless: SAP
By: Jeff Jedras
SANTA CLARA, CALIF. -- Oracle Corp. boasts that its “own the stack” approach of being able to offer every piece of the business intelligence hardware and software puzzle gives it a competitive advantage in the market, but enterprise application vendor SAP AG said Tuesday that the cloud will soon make the stack boast irrelevant, as it will all exist up in the cloud. Speaking to press and analysts gathered for SAP's Influencer Summit via satellite from Dresden, German, SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann-Snabe said cloud computing isn't good news for Oracle, or for its own the stack mantra.
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