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Migrating to SaaS Readiness
Migrating to SaaS Readiness
by Fred Landis
To capitalize on the trend to SaaS/Cloud, traditional enterprise ISVs moving to a SaaS model must modify their organizations’ culture, support, business and go-to-market models. Given the growth in the market, most would see this as a fait accompli for vendors, but in reality it is much more difficult to execute than to propose.
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SaaS Can Deliver Tremendous Value to Small-Medium Enterprises
SaaS Can Deliver Tremendous Value to Small-Medium Enterprises
by Amit Manghani
Remaining nimble and flexible is key to success for small and medium enterprises. The leaders of small and medium enterprises are under constant pressure to continually deliver operational and financial improvements.The need to constantly improve, grow, compete and ensure compliance with constrained resources (i.e. time, money, staff, technology) is compelling the leaders of small and medium enterprises to explore technologies that will help them adapt and adjust quickly to rapidly evolving business and market conditions. Consequently software-as-a-service (SaaS), given its rapid deployment and instant consumption model, is gaining increasing prominence within this group.
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Location Plus the Cloud is the New Killer App
Location Plus the Cloud is the New Killer App
by Kathryn Koegel
In the marketing sector, we used to talk about demographics or past purchase history as a decent predictor of future intent. In online, “behavioral” data is used to target ads. Now, through the power of cloud computing combined with data from mobile devices, we can target consumers by location and as I believe, location is a much more precise way of predicting purchase intent than any other form of data. Let’s say Jill Smith is a loyal customer of Acme Applied Clothing and is heading to the Springfield Mall off I-91. Decent chance she might be in the market for the latest leggings – especially if she was reminded we have them in all the latest colors and styles.
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Building a Business Case for Moving Financials to the Cloud
Building a Business Case for Moving Financials to the Cloud
by Jim McGeever
The worst of the downturn may be behind us, but its lessons remain clear. For businesses to survive and thrive, they must be able to make better decisions quickly, focus on core strengths and responsibilities, and reduce costs wherever possible. Cloud computing solutions provide a fiscally responsible, productivity-positive meansway to deliver on these goals, eliminating waste and needless expense while strengthening the processes which make your company competitive and successful.
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Discover How to Bring Trust to the Cloud: Strong Authentication for SaaS Applications
Mitesh Soni - Technical Lead at iGATE

However, the same exact benefits of the SaaS delivery model that are driving the trend may actually slow down further adoption of the SaaS applications by the enterprises. Why do IT departments get skeptical about moving their mission-critical applications and data into the cloud? The answer is quite simple; security concerns are increasingly cited among the reasons for slower adoption of SaaS. As a SaaS provider, you very well know that offering services in the cloud can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. You clearly have a competitive advantage over the traditional application providers by offering rapid deployment, requiring fewer resources, and reducing overall cost of a software solution. How do you overcome the security challenge?

Cloud Computing and Communications/Collaboration tools
Mitesh Soni - Research Engineer at iGATE Patni

Collaboration technologies are shifting the business landscape. Collaboration uses TECHNOLOGY designed to fit the way people work and enables them to be more efficient and productive. Communications and Collaboration tools can improve the way companies collaborate and share information faster and more seamlessly. With the advent of cloud computing, collaboration technologies become tools that enable companies and their employees, to operate on a whole new plane.

Is the Hosted Virtual Desktop the Way of the Future?
Joey Widener - Sr. Product Evangelist at AT&T Hosting & Cloud Services

In today’s environment there are so many user types, it’s hard to imagine a situation where a hosted virtual desktop will be a fit for everyone. I firmly believe the hosted virtual desktop is the way of the future, but I am also clear that they will sit alongside the traditional laptop/desktop for many years to come.

Real-World Applications for Private Cloud
Mitesh Soni - Research Engineer at iGATE Patni

Private Cloud introduces a new architecture that might make it challenging for developers to migrate their existing applications. It’s certainly not “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”. The question is, how will that private cloud be used, and what are the downstream effects of moving to a private cloud? The most common query has been, “What kind of real world applications can be successfully deployed in Private Cloud environments?”

SaaS Marketing tools to help the transition to Social Enterprise
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

Companies that do not become Social Enterprises will not survive this economic cycle. Becoming a Social Enterprise is, however, more than just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account. It is a transformation in how your business thinks, decides, works and collaborates.

Your application may NOT YET be ready for the Public Commodity Cloud if...
Ilyas Iyoob - Sr. Research Scientist, and Manager of Advanced Analytics at Gravitant

This article highlights 5 reasons why your application may not yet be ready for the Public Commodity Cloud, and subsequently provides alternatives in the Enterprise Cloud space that solves these issues.

An Angel Brings Voice to Twitter
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

The advantage of adding voice to the social experience is that it is a one-way voice print that can be analyzed. For enterprises with social customer contact centers, Angel’s voice transactions add a personal touch that otherwise couldn’t be achieved and the conversations can be analyzed and managed via metrics. CEO Calls for a Business 'Arab Spring'
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

This year the message was the Social Enterprise and the need for a social revolution. In order to delight customers, companies must leverage social media to drive brand loyalty, enable buyers on their self-directed purchase journeys, and accelerate revenue cycles. The opportunity through social ‘conversations’ is to bring buyers and sellers more efficiently together in new, more creative ways.

Does the Desktop Really Matter?
Joey Widener - Sr. Product Evangelist at AT&T Hosting & Cloud Services

If I Can Access an Application via Web Browser or Smartphone, then Why Do I Need the Full Desktop?

Top Signs You Need NoSQL For Your Data
Charles Babcock - Author & Editor-at-Large at Information Week

Not everyone is sure whether they have big data or not, or whether they need a NoSQL system to handle it. One way to find out, said one adopter of a NoSQL approach, is to ask yourself whether it is taking you longer to process your data than it did to collect it.

AppFirst - Problem Resolution with the Foundation of Complete Information
Pamela Roussos - CMO & Product Management at AppFirst, Inc

The slides from AppFirst’s presentation at Under the Radar on Problem Resolution with the Foundation of Complete Information.

Integrated Marketing Management Never Had It So Good
Lisa Arthur - Chief Marketing Officer at Aprimo, Inc

Lisa Arthur talks about the future of Teradata and Aprimo. By leveraging the most innovative Teradata warehouse technology with Aprimo integrated marketing management solutions, this powerful combination gives CMOs the ability to translate Big Data into essential insights and analytics. With these insights, they can take smart, decisive action to support their strategic goals.

Changing Face of How Work Gets Done
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

We’ve all benefited from the productivity gains of enterprise software but the gaps are glaring in product innovation, actualizing business strategy, and synchronizing company activities in light of constantly changing priorities. These are threatening not only job creation but company survival.

Why Some Companies Successfully Innovate and Others Don't
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

Collaboration, communication, and automation separate the successful from the strugglers.

Cloud computing and the application lifecycle
Dustin Amrhein - Technical Evangelist, WebSphere Emerging Technologies at IBM

Yesterday, I read the latest post on James Urquhart’s The Wisdom of Clouds blog. As I often do, I found myself nodding my head as I read James’ latest thoughts on cloud. In this particular post, James provided some thoughts on the types of applications for which we would see growing cloud-based deployments in 2011. I suggest you read the full post here, but I do want to identify the three application types James points out in his post.

Cloud Computing's Killer Applications
James Urquhart - Manager, Cloud Computing & Virtualized Data Centers Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc

James steps back through the three application areas that he thinks are the most impactful for cloud computing.

Is BI’s Destiny In The Cloud?
Robin Bloor - Founder at Bloor Research

In a word – Yes. But it might not appear that way yet. So let me play the angel’s advocate and see where the logic takes us. The first point to make is that cloud computing is still young, in fact it’s very young – just out of kindergarten. So there are many CIO and data center managers that don’t have the confidence to dive in and do some serious computing in the cloud. And they have good reasons to hold back. Pioneers get scalped, as they say. There are legitimate concerns about the cloud in respect of security, manageability and actual service levels (as opposed to promised service levels) that suggest a cautious approach. But even the most conservative CIO believes that such problems will be solved and forgotten at some point in the future. So let’s not worry about concerns that will inevitably fade away.

Viewpoint Bright Ideas, Dim Prospects
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

The old-fashioned suggestion box won't spark real change unless agencies follow through.

The Future of Cloud Management
Ray DePena - Principal Advisor at

Reflections on discussion with Daniel Heimlich, Marketing Vice President for Netuitive. Netuitive team truly understood not only the magnitude of the industry challenge, given the ascent of the cloud, but it also understood what it will take to go from existing analytics platforms, designed to manage traditional legacy compute environments, to an intelligent, real-time, autonomic analytics platform designed for cloud computing environments. Netuitive is definitely a key player to watch in this segment, and those in the business of managing cloud environments would be well served to keep a watchful eye on future Netuitive developments as we welcome in the new year. A tectonic shift in cloud management is emerging, and Netuitive is well positioned to capitalize on that changing landscape.

The Healthcare Stimulus and You
Rauline Ochs - SVP & General Manager at IPED at Everything Channel

The Healthcare Stimulus is driving Doctors to the cloud. Physicians proving meaningful use of electronic medical/health records are offering an incentive of up to $64,000 (over five years). There are 25 criteria for "meaningful use," including computerized physician order entry (CPOE), electronic information distribution, e-prescriptions, and the incorporation of lab results into EHRs as discrete data.

Contributions Results for Buyers: Cloud Applications

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Interview with Christine Crandell on B2B Marketing Trends
Christine Crandell - Serial CMO, author, speaker and blogger at NBS

4 minute interview by Erick Mott of CreatorBase with Christine Crandell on B2B marketing trends.

AppFirst - Problem Resolution with the Foundation of Complete Information
Pamela Roussos - CMO & Product Management at AppFirst, Inc
Company Profile: Dealmaker Media

The CMO & Product Manager at AppFirst, Pamela Roussos, gives a presentation at the Under the Radar conference on Problem Resolution with the Foundation of Complete Information.

Using the Force to Escape Excel
Christopher Cabrera - Founder, President & CEO at Xactly Corporation

Are you paying commission to less that 150 reps? Are you trapped in endless Excell spreadsheets? Companies often avoid compensation automation because they're afraid it's too expensive and complex or they think they're too small. The reality is automation isn't expensive, implementation is fast, and ROI is even faster. The CEO at Xactly, Christopher Cabrera, discusses how leading companies like Avatier, ClairMail, DocuSign, and Genius are transforming sales compensation with Xactly Express, a sales compensation tool built natively on the platform. He explains how these companies escaped from Excel and are seeing improved sales results, and how you can implement it for your business.

Can Sales Compensation Drive Customer Experience
Christopher Cabrera - Founder, President & CEO at Xactly Corporation

Learn how to increase sales and improve customer loyalty through compensation. The CEO of Xactly, Christopher Cabrera, discusses how leading companies like Akamai, American Express,, and Xerox achieve significant gains in sales effectiveness through sales compensation that improves sales and enhances the customer experience. He explains how to extend your CRM investment to harness sales compensation and deliver value at each step of the customer's journey, leading to more profitable and loyal relationships.

Run Your Core Business in the Cloud: Security
Zach Nelson - President & CEO at NetSuite Inc
Company Profile: NetSuite Inc

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson discusses security concerns regarding running core business functions in the cloud.

Run Your Core Business in the Cloud: SuiteCloud
Zach Nelson - President & CEO at NetSuite Inc
Company Profile: NetSuite Inc

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson provides an introduction to SuiteCloud.

Run Your Core Business in the Cloud: Introducing NetSuite
Zach Nelson - President & CEO at NetSuite Inc
Company Profile: NetSuite Inc

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson describes challenges businesses face running core applications on-premise, and many of the advantages derived by running on NetSuite's cloud.

Gov 2.0 Summit 2010: A Conversation with Padmasree Warrior
Padmasree Warrior - Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems, Inc

The CTO at discusses telepresence the future of the mobile internet, transforming energy, cities, healthcare, education and more.

The Best of Both Words
Marc Benioff - Chairman & CEO at, Inc

The CEO at, Marc Benioff, gives a keynote presentation at Oracle Open World.

Taleo Partners with Customers to Drive Business Performance
Michael Gregoire - Chairman & CEO at Taleo Corporation

Taleo Partners with Customers to Drive Recruiting Innovation and Business Performance

Contributions Results for Buyers: Cloud Applications

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Comparing Cloud and On-Site CRM (for Small Business) PDF
Leighton Jenkins - Principal at CRM-Guidebooks

There are various benefits to Cloud CRM deployments versus on-site systems. This 2-page primer gives an overview of the pros and cons. It’s one of a series of Guidebooks designed to provide a 'plain English' business view of various important CRM topics.

Medical Foods Sample Inventory Management PDF
Andrew Lawlor - CEO at Aptaria, Inc.

Nutricia, a unit of global food player Danone, has grown rapidly in recent years by developing and selling specialized nutritional products. Key to the their sales team’s success has been delivery of over 3,000 product samples to doctors and other health care professionals (HCPs) each month. Yet Nutricia lacked a centralized way to track which HCPs received which samples from which salesperson. This meant the company was not capable of properly executing product recalls – putting them at significant federal regulatory risk. Aptaria built a custom Salesforce application in the Cloud for Nutricia that provides full visibility into its product sample inventory. The solution enables sales reps to: o Track and manage samples through a personal inventory captured in Salesforce. o Accept samples into their inventory with a single click upon arrival from the Nutricia warehouse. o Identify samples delivered to doctors and other HCPs without re-keying information. To ensure seamless integration with Nutricia’s existing CRM, Aptaria built the application 100% on, Salesforce’s platform as a service (PaaS) offering.

10 Questions You Need to Ask a Collaboration Vendor PDF
Ben Kepes - Director at Diversity Ltd

In just the last few years, the enterprise collaboration software market has become one of the most crowded areas in IT. It seems as though new vendors are appearing on a weekly basis while traditional software vendors are working feverishly to retrofit their legacy offerings by introducing new collaboration add-ons. Further clouding the issue are the various delivery models available to customers today - on-premise, on-demand and cloud-based options are available. This combination of a multitude of vendors and delivery models has created a confusing landscape, where messaging collision has become the rule, not the exception. This primer is intended to help those organizations researching enterprise collaboration by arming them with the most important questions to ask the collaboration vendors they are evaluating, in hopes of helping them make buying decisions based on empirical evidence, rather than flashy positioning and messaging.

On-Demand ERP in the Enterprise - A Practical CIO Guide to Implementation
Phil Wainewright - Blogger at ZDNet & CEO at Procullux Ventures
Company Profile: NetSuite Inc

Want to Ensure the Success of Your SaaS Implementation Strategy? Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) pose exciting opportunities for large enterprises, but also come with challenges. Are you ready to face them? A new independent research and analysis report by Phil Wainewright, one of the world's foremost authorities on business automation and a ZDNet writer on SaaS, will give you a framework for crafting your SaaS strategy and successfully implementing SaaS ERP within your organization. Download this free white paper, On-Demand ERP in the Enterprise: A Practical CIO Guide to Implementation, to find out how you can use SaaS to enhance your enterprise software strategy. You'll learn: - The three primary criteria against which to evaluate your SaaS provider's readiness for your organization - The five considerations you should use to determine whether your business is ready for SaaS - The six factors for evaluating SaaS providers, as well as 15 criteria SaaS providers must meet - The four deployment scenarios for SaaS solutions - A roadmap to effective implementation within your enterprise. The paper also examines key concerns such as ensuring data integrity in enterprise systems, maintaining compliance and ensuring proper process management. And it discusses new skills and approaches that will help you maximize your return on investment.

New Version Release for Google Apps Products
Michael DeSilver - Vice President of Cloud Services at Matlen Silver Group & LTech Consulting

A blog post report on developing Applications that help the enterprise work with Google Apps.

Comparing Darwin's Evolution to HCM SaaS Software
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

An Overview of the important considerations related to the longer term investment in Human Capital Management software during the recession. This Paper highlights key considerations when debating your HCM software options, especially when evaluating Software-as-a-Service based options.

SaaS + ITIL + Service Desk = Scalable Success
Vernon Palango - ITSM Consulting & Training Principle at InteQ

With the introduction, and success, of SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications across multiple industries, it seemed imminent that the traditional help desk model would evolve to encompass an on demand service desk solution. This whitepaper uncovers the history of the service desk and specifically how it relates to ITIL best practices in direct conjunction with the benefits derived from SaaS-based solutions.

EnterpriseWizard CRM and Cloud Computing PDF
Colin Earl - CEO at EnterpriseWizard, Inc

A CRM and Technology Platform from EnterpriseWizard and 3Tera. The SaaS delivery model can reduce buyer risk and deployment times, but it comes with its own set of challenges. This paper examines those issues and describes how they are addressed by a cloud computing infrastructure.

Buying your Software-as-a-Service? Make Sure You Ask the Right Questions PDF
Stephen Parker - Founder at Smart Questions

This document by Stephen Parker covers the different components of SaaS and provides examples of the right questions to ask when considering selling or buying SaaS. The goal is to help with asking the right questions both internally and with suppliers to manage the risks.

Google Earth Builder Brings Geospatial Data to the Cloud
By: Clint Boulton
Google Earth Builder is a new Web service to let businesses host geospatial data on Google's cloud computing network. Earth Builder marks a break from Google's on-premise geo-mapping products.
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CRM Cloud Computing Leader Presents Strong 2011 Outlook
By: Susan J. Campbell
Did you know that the concept of cloud computing actually arrived with the Internet? Of course, at that time it didn’t have the cloud name and solutions weren’t really available for users to take advantage of it, but thousands of individuals around the world have been using cloud computing for years without even realizing it. Now, cloud computing seems to be coming into its own, evolving into an industry that is expected to top $140 billion by 2014.
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IBM Focuses On 'Make It Work Better Or Cost Less'
By: Steve Wexler
More than 8,000 customers, partners and others have joined IBM for the Impact 2011 conference, where announcements included more than 50 new products, enhancements and services centered around its software-as-a-service portfolio. The annual event focuses on Big Blue's SaaS offerings which span from business process management to collaboration, social business, Web analytics, B2B commerce, supply chain management, marketing and enterprise systems management.
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Workday Releases Integrated Cloud Computing Solution
By: Dana Gardner
Recognizing broad integration as an essential ingredient to modern business agility, Workday today delivered a set of cloud-based integration capabilities to its partner ecosystem and growing stable of software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP users. The Workday Integration Cloud Platform is joined by a graphical tools suite designed to broaden the use of integration by more types of workers so they -- as well as IT -- can build and deploy the desired integrations that best support processes among and between businesses.
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Cisco Buys Storefront For Cloud Services
By: Cari Tuna
Cisco Systems is adding the information-technology version of an app store to its software lineup, part of the Silicon Valley networking company’s push into cloud computing, or the business of offering services over the Internet. On Tuesday, Cisco announced its acquisition of newScale for an undisclosed sum. The San Mateo, Calif., company, founded in 1999, has about 80 employees and makes a kind of online storefront for IT professionals to purchase and manage Web-based business applications and other services.
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Launching March 1st 2011, Bay Area Systems Offers new Customers a 30-day Free Trial of Cloud Workstation
By: Press Release
Launching March 1st 2011, BayArea Systems' "Cloud Workstation" is part of BayArea Systems' Cloud Computing solutions aimed to provide flexible, up-to-date IT solutions for San Francisco Bay Area small businesses. BayArea Systems' Cloud Workstation solutions provide customers the freedom to work remotely on any computer (PC or Mac). Once setup, users will be able to access workstation(s) in real time without having physical visit to the office. Cloud Workstation solutions range from select Microsoft Professional Operating Systems (Windows XP, Windows 7), to Microsoft Professional Office software products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), as well as integrated office email via Microsoft Exchange Server ...
read the full article >>'s CRM Cloud Computing Helps Wiel Brien Make Affordable Home Program Successful
By: Juliana Kenny (News - Alert) and Wiel Brien, a real estate company, have recently revealed the success of Wiel Brien’s Home Affordable Again program through the utilization of Salesforce’s Cloud 2 technologies. Using the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Chatter, and multiple custom applications built on the platform, Wiel Brien has been able to increase the ability of the real estate company to run its business in the cloud and enabling it to manage every step of its property lifecycle.
read the full article >> The Facebook of Cloud Computing?
By: Laura Stotler
There's a fresh face in Silicon Valley, and venture capitalists are making a bet his startup online storage company will do for cloud computing what Facebook (News - Alert) has done for social networking. The company is and its CEO is Aaron Levie, a 26-year-old USC dropout. Sound familiar? The company and its CEO share a number of similarities with Facebook and its infamous founder, Mark Zuckerberg (News - Alert), and that fact, along with a promising business plan, was enough to convince investors to drop $48 million on the growing enterprise. Based in Palo Alto (News - Alert), CA, offers online "storage lockers" for personal and corporate information.
read the full article >> 4Q Net Down 46%, Revenue Growth Continues
By: Staff (CRM) is spending heavily to makes it cloud computing environment for businesses into a social environment, as well to continue its rapid sales growth. Chief Executive Marc Benioff told analysts on the company's earnings call the goal was to make its software-as-a-service business model into one that was more "social, open and mobile" to take market share away from competitors, including Microsoft Corp. (MSFT).
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Database101 Leverages Cloud Computing for Its New Web Service, Provides Low-Cost Sales Leads to Small Businesses & Independent Salespeople
By: Press Release, a leading provider of sales leads for small businesses and salespeople, is now hosting its web service and databases in Amazon Web Services' Cloud. In its first full month of operations, the company is now supporting more than 1,500 customers across the country.
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TCS offers cloud to small companies, hopes for billion-dollar rain
By: Lison Joseph
On Tuesday, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) waded into a business which it sees has the potential to grow into a billion dollars in five years — a cloud computing offering to small and medium businesses or SMBs. India’s largest software company promises 30-40% savings in information technology spends for SMBs.
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Can Make its Presence Felt in the Cloud Computing Market?
By: Trefis Team's ( CRM ) main business is to sell cloud-based CRM software, but it has also started to make its presence felt in other segments of the cloud computing market. Cloud computing presents a long-term opportunity for as IT departments leverage cloud-based software instead of investing in additional hardware and on-premise software. According to Gartner, the cloud computing market is estimated to have increased from $59 billion in 2009 to around $68 billion in 2010, and could grow to around $149 billion by 2014. The attractive growth prospects means that other players like Oracle ( ORCL ), SAP ( SAP ), Google ( GOOG ), Microsoft ( MSFT ) and Amazon (AMZN) also stand to gain from the cloud computing market.
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New Release of SAP® Business ByDesign™ Solution Advances Cloud Computing Portfolio From SAP
By: Press Release
WALLDORF, Germany, Feb. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced a major update in its portfolio of on-demand solutions: Feature pack 2.6 for the SAP® Business ByDesign™ solution has been generally available since February 1, 2011, offering a slate of new capabilities. The new release serves as an open platform on which a broad ecosystem of partners can further customize the software, and on which SAP will develop new on-demand offerings for various lines of business. Further features include enhancements to usability, support for additional mobile devices and on-demand integration of subsidiary operations into on-premise installations at headquarters. In addition, SAP Business ByDesign is now also being made available in Austria, Canada and Switzerland.
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NetSuite and Baker Tilly Partner to Launch New Cloud Computing Practice
By: Press Release
SAN MATEO, Calif. and CHICAGO, Feb. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NetSuite Inc. ( NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of financials / ERP software suites, and Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP (Baker Tilly), a full service accounting and advisory firm, today announced Baker Tilly has joined the NetSuite Solution Provider program as the catalyst of a new, Baker Tilly cloud computing consulting practice. Complementing Baker Tilly's existing strength and focus on management consulting, the new cloud computing practice will leverage Baker Tilly's solution and systems integration experience to provide both public and private companies with a range of customized accounting and regulatory compliance solutions powered by NetSuite's leading cloud computing applications for financials ...
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IBM Trumpets LotusLive Successes, New App Partnerships
By: Dan Burger
IBM is feeling particularly social this week. That's what an event like Lotusphere will do for Big Blue. To set the stage for Lotusphere--IBM's week of social network and collaboration software celebration--the company put the emphasis on LotusLive. That's IBM tools for collaboration--you know, email, Web conferencing, social networking--in a public cloud, or, if you prefer, an IBM-managed stack of systems and software running at your location. Let the fanfare begin.
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Google Docs Refines File Search in the Cloud
By: Clint Boulton
Google Jan. 31 began making Google Docs more visually appealing and easier to use as it seeks to improve its cloud-computing collaboration application for documents. Google Jan. 31 said it is refining the search capabilities in its Google Docs document software to help users find the myriad files they create and store in the company's cloud-computing system.
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Cloud Computing: Amazon Offers Bulk E-Mail Service
By: Maureen O'Gara
Amazon Web Services has added a beta Simple Email Service (SES) that's described as a highly scalable, cost-effective bulk and transactional e-mail-sending service for businesses and developers. It integrates with other AWS services so e-mails can be sent from applications hosted on, say, EC2, although any application with Internet access can use SES whether it runs in a private data center, EC2 or as a client software solution. SES supports multimedia content. There's a free usage tier for users of EC2 and the new Elastic Beanstalk that's good for 2,000 e-mails a day. Otherwise the rate runs 10 cents a thousand plus data transfer fees over a gigabyte.
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Microsoft Releases CRM Services in the Cloud
By: Stuart J. Johnston
Still not convinced that this whole cloud computing thing is going to be around for the long haul? Well, consider this. Microsoft recently announced its cloud-based Dynamics CRM Online services -- the first time the company has ever released a product online prior to releasing a server-based version. Cloud computing, like rock-and-roll, is here to stay -- too bad you can’t dance to it.
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Oracle Launches Open Office 3.3 and Cloud Office
By: Solon Harmony Dolor
New competition for Google and Microsoft in cloud computing has entered the scene as Oracle has just launched its Cloud Office 1.0 suite of software. The announcement came as the company also launched the newest version of Sun Microsystems-developed productivity suite with the launch of OpenOffice 3.3. Sun was acquired earlier by Oracle for a reported valuation of $7.4 billion. The Cloud Office 1.0 software offers the promise of mobility for its clients who want to create or modify text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, databases and drawings.
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Scott & White Healthcare Increases Referrals 22 Percent Using Astadia's Physician Relationship Management Solution
By: Astadia
Astadia, the world's largest pure-play Cloud Computing integrator and a top partner, today announced Scott & White Healthcare has deployed Astadia's Physician Relationship Management solution and increased physician referrals in excess of 22% for two consecutive years. This vote of confidence from its community of physicians is attributable to improved processes and transparency made possible by Cloud technology. The announcement was made today at Dreamforce 2010, the cloud computing event of the year.
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Contributions Results for Buyers: Cloud Applications

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