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Cloud Savings Breakdown
Ilyas Iyoob - Sr. Research Scientist, and Manager of Advanced Analytics at Gravitant

Breakdown of cost savings per month - across public cloud options and private cloud. Average savings amount to approximately 58% per month...

Montclair Advisors Public SaaS Index
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

This index tracks the publicly traded Software-as-a-Service companies that are on both the NASDAQ and NYSE. Using the PSI you can look across the spectrum of firms, see today's stock prices, market caps and other business metrics.

Cloud Computing and Commodity
James Urquhart - Manager, Cloud Computing & Virtualized Data Centers Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc

James Urquhart and Dave Linthicum talk about Cloud Computing as a commodity, and how this may play out as Cloud Computing providers mature.

Part 2: How Much Does it Take to Start a SaaS Company?
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

It definitely takes a commitment to build a true SaaS company, especially when you consider some facts about SaaS companies that have gone public. Hear is an overview of those facts and what they mean for start-ups.

Cloud Computing and Commodity
James Urquhart - Manager, Cloud Computing & Virtualized Data Centers Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc

Understanding Commodization and Commodification and how they apply to cloud computing.

How Much Investment Does it Take to Start a SaaS Company?
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

Here is a list of Public SaaS companies and the initial investments they required to get started. Entrepreneurs and investors may need a good deal of money to get going, but for those that reach critical mass and go public, there is a tremendous payback.

A Discussion on Enterprise IT in the Current Economic Crisis
Amy D Wohl - President & Industry Analyst at Wohl Associates

Deborah Grove, President of Grove Associates - a firm that consults on enetrprise growth with a lower carbon footprint - and Amy Wohl - President of Wohl Associates, economist, and expert on IT trends and SaaS - discuss the likely impact of the current economic crisis on IT. They look at questions like how long the downturn will last, what IT people should be doing now, what IT people should be planning for, and more. Ms Wohl provides an important perspective on how to cope and perhaps take advantage of current circumstances.

Will Oracle Really Take Over the SaaS Market?
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

Kevin Dobbs gives an overview of the past, present, and future of Oracles achievements. After working at Oracle for almost five years he says that when Ellison sets his mind to something he usually gets it.

Montclair Advisors: SaaS Business Profiles
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

Kevin Dobbs of Montclair Advisors profiles SaaS companies and talks to key members of their executive staffs.

Comparing Darwin's Evolution and HCM SaaS Software
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

Based on what has been happening with the economy, the Human Capital Management software world is going to be forced to do a quick evolution.

What are Venture Capitalists Saying About SaaS?
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

Kevin discusses what Venture Capital firms including Intel Capital, Emergence Capital Partners, ClossLink Capital, Hummer Winblad and Merrill Lynch are saying about the Software-as-a-Service market.

Growth in this Economy!! Where? PDF
Ranjit Nayak - Marketing Manager at Cisco

Everyone is talking about the depressing economic outlook. Fortunately, there are some bright spots. Businesses that focus on subscription services are growing.

Has Cloud Computing Lost Its VC Luster?
James Urquhart - Manager, Cloud Computing & Virtualized Data Centers Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc

Venture Capitalists of late have been approached with start-up pitches assigning Cloud to everything from hardware to downloadable software clients. It seems that just about every pitch tese days is for cloud computing, and the folks with the money are getting a bit weary of it. A big part of the problem is the unresolved definition of cloud computing.

Think Equity Interview with Alok Misra
Alok Misra - President at Navatar Group

According to Mr. Misra, Cloud Computing is picking up steam and could be the obvious beneficiary.

IDC Predicts SaaS Market to Grow by 42% in 2009!
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

IDC Predicts SaaS Market to Grow by 42% in 2009!

SaaS Consolidation Starts in 2009
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

As the economy continues to struggle, it also presents some interesting opportunities for stronger SaaS companies to pick up marketshares and eliminate competitors.

Subscription for Success in 2009
Kevin Dobbs - Founder & Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors, LLC

According to reports by Verizon and Gartner Software-as-a-Service will be one of the top spending market segments in 2009. The reason for this is that these types of technology investments can lower the total cost of running a business.

Exclusive Q&A with Cloud Computing CEO Michael Crandell
Michael Crandell - CEO & Founder at Rightscale, Inc

RightScale's head honcho answers questions in Cloud Computing Journal on achieving profitability in the rapidly advancing cloud market.

4 Reasons Why SaaS Will Rule During the Recession
Ameed Taylor - Founder & Editor of OnDemand Beat Blog & President at Applation LLC

Although most of the world's economies are just now beginning to feel effects of the currente economic recession, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption should increase as companies cut back on large expenditures and look for ways to do more with less budget. Not all SaaS companies will survive the continuing shakeout in the industry, but those that do will gain market share and increase relevance. Shows Strength
Sramana Mitra - Technology Strategy Consultant at Independent

Despite the challenging market conditions, is set to cross the 1 billion revenue milestone. I believe the SaaS sector is relatively recession proof, and's performance this quarter is more evidence of the sector's strength.

Contributions Results for Analysis: Financial Analysis

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SaaS in a Tough Economy
William McNee - Founder, President & CEO at Saugatuck Technology, Inc

The Founder & CEO of Saugatuck Technology provides his insights on SaaS in a tough economy.

Chris Hoffman on SaaS and Cloud Computing - Part 2
Chris Hoffmann - Sr Principle & Research Director at TripleTree, LLC

Chris Hoffman on SaaS and Cloud Computing

Chris Hoffman on SaaS and Cloud Computing - Part 1
Chris Hoffmann - Sr Principle & Research Director at TripleTree, LLC

Chris Hoffman on SaaS and Cloud Computing

The Next Stage of Computing: An Equity Research Report on Cloud Computing PDF
Laura Lederman - Principal at William Blair & Company, LLC

We belive cloud computing is the next shift that will fundamentally change the way software is developed and delivered, affecting the future of both hardware and software companies.

Salesforce bucks tech trend, boosts outlook
By: Jim Finkle
(Reuters) - Web-based software maker Inc raised its full-year revenue outlook, fueling hopes that cloud computing companies can avoid getting caught up in a possible slowdown in tech spending.
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Three Cloud Computing Stocks That Could Be Takeover Candidates
By: Nick Santiago
This afternoon, the street is buzzing over the Google Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOG) buyout of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.(NYSE:MMI). Most investors on Wall Street were betting that InterDigital Inc.(NASDAQ:IDCC) was the leading candidate for a Google takeover. It just proves that any company with good intellectual properties and important patents could be a takeover target. While investors are focusing on the mobile handset makers today it is the cloud computing stocks that should be watched as takeover candidates. In 2010, the cloud computing stocks where getting taken over by many of the old technology giants. Recently, stocks such as Cisco Systems Inc.(NASDAQ:CSCO), Microsoft Corp.(NASDAQ:MSFT), and Intel Corp.(NASDAQ:INTC) have really struggled. Any of these tech giants could be ...
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AppFog Gets $8 Million
By: Maureen O'Gara
Year-old PHP PaaS hoster AppFog, née PHP Fog, has gotten an $8 million B round led by Ignition Partners with participation from new investors Simon Crosby, Citrix' former data center and virtualization CTO, and VC Matt Ocko as well as existing investors, Madrona Venture Group, First Round Capital and Founders Co-Op.
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IBM's Growth Fueled by Cloud Computing
By: Chris Stuart
OSTON (TheStreet Ratings) -- IBM(IBM_) is scheduled to report second-quarter earnings after the stock market closes today, with analysts forecasting year-over-year improvements in earnings and revenue.
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CA to Support StratITsphere Cloud
By: Staff
Information technology (IT) and management software developer, CA Inc. (CA - Analyst Report) recently revealed that its cloud computing, energy management and service assurance solutions will support StratITsphere’s new package of cloud-based services (Nimbus) and other offerings.
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Amazon betting on cloud computing, sacrificing some profit
By: Phil Wahba
Reuters) - Inc is thinking long-term when it spends heavily on "the cloud," but investors may see a little more short-term rain when the online retailer reports its earnings on Tuesday. The company has been willing to sacrifice some profitability to win customers and build its new businesses. It has invested heavily in areas such as "cloud computing" -- which allows companies to store data on its servers -- to take on its rivals Google Inc and Apple Inc.
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This Week's IPO Buzz: From China to the Cloud
By: John Fitzgibbon
When words such as “cloud computing” and “China” wrap their fingers around an IPO these days, you can anticipate some aftermarket fireworks. 21Vianet Group (VNET) – a Chinese “cloud computing” company – heads up this week’s IPO calendar. The Street is calling it “the pick of the week.” 21Vianet believes it is the largest carrier-neutral Internet data center services provider (“cloud computing”) in China. The company operates 47 data centers in 33 cities throughout China, including all of China’s major Internet hubs, with over 5,700 cabinets under management housing over 39,000 servers. 21Vianet planned to price 11.5 million American Depositary Shares (ADS) at $10 to $12 each on Wednesday evening to trade on Thursday.
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IBM Sees Cloud Computing Growth, Weakening Public Sector Sales In Q1
By: Rick Whiting
IBM (NYSE:IBM) expects its cloud computing sales to double this year, putting the company on track to grow its cloud-related sales to $7 billion by 2015, an IBM executive said Tuesday.
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IBM Forecasts $7 Billion In Cloud Revenue
By: Charles Babcock
Senior VP Steve Mills will flesh out IBM's cloud computing strategy at an event in San Francisco Thursday, emphasizing IBM's vision of recognizing "client defined clouds" and cloud resources customized for individual customers. Cloud computing is no longer an area of investigation and experiment for IBM. CFO Mark Loughridge has stated he believes cloud services will generate $7 billion in revenue for IBM by 2015.
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Dell investing $1 billion to expand its computing services
By: Kirk Ladendorf
Dell Inc. said Thursday that it is investing $1 billion over the next two years on ways to help spur the adoption of more efficient computing technologies, including cloud computing. Dell officials said the investment will entail building 10 data centers worldwide, including three in the U.S., as well as creating more customer solution centers to demonstrate the advantages of technologies that use virtualization and cloud computing.
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Tablets Push Gartner’s Projections Up
By: Maureen O'Gara
Gartner tickled its global IT spending projection this year from 5.1% to 5.6% or $3.6 trillion, based largely on its estimate of 69.5 million in tablet sales that it figures will be worth $29.4 billion, up from ~$10 billion last year.
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Hewlett-Packard Trailing in Cloud Leads to Lowest Tech Valuation: Real M&A
By: Aaron Ricadela and Rita Nazareth
Hewlett-Packard Co., which paid the highest multiple on record for a computer company six months ago, now needs to spend as much as double the historical valuation for software takeovers to catch up in cloud computing. Red Hat Inc., Informatica Corp. and Tibco Software Inc., which Goldman Sachs Group Inc. says may be targets as Hewlett- Packard adds software, trade as high as 42 times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. That compares with the median 18 times for software and Internet acquisitions in the last five years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Leo Apotheker, 57, started as chief executive officer in November after an interim CEO paid a record 325 times Ebitda for 3Par Inc. following a bidding war with Dell Inc., the data show.
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Oracle Rises as Forecast Tops Estimates on Cloud Demand
By: Dina Bass
Oracle Corp. (ORCL) rose in Nasdaq trading after forecasting fourth-quarter profit that topped analysts’ predictions, a sign of rising demand for database software as well as hardware added by the Sun Microsystems Inc. purchase. Profit excluding acquisition costs and some other expenses will be 69 cents to 73 cents this quarter, surpassing the 66- cent average estimate of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, Oracle said on a conference call yesterday. Earnings on that basis were 54 cents a share in the period that ended Feb. 28, also exceeding analysts’ projections.
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Cloud Computing: Will It Provoke Industry And ETFs?
By: Tom Lydon
Personal computer makers have a lot of aspects to consider in order to keep up with their competition and to stay current with the latest trends. Investors who focus on technology should consider exchange traded funds (ETFs) to cover the wide array of tech trends provoking the industry.
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Cloud Computing To Boost European Recovery
By: Fahmida Y Rashid
EMC has a sunny forecast for European businesses: the cloud will generate 2.4m jobs over the next four years. If companies across Europe’s five largest economies, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, continue to adopt cloud technology as expected, they will generate more than $243 billion (£150bn) in revenue per year, EMC said in its Cloud Dividend Report Part 2 on 24 February.
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The Most Surprising Cloud Computing Stock (And Why You Should Buy It)
By: Tim Beyers
I'm a believer in growth stocks. As an analyst for our Motley Fool Rule Breakers service, I think you should be a believer too. But some growth stories are inevitably better than others. Hence this regular series. My goal? Out the Fakers, elevate the Breakers, and examine the growth stories stuck in between.
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Cloud Computing to Provide €233 Billion Dividend to EU Business
By: Max Clarke
€763 billion could be generated by 2015, and millions of new jobs created, through the expected adoption of cloud computing across a range of industries in some of Europe's key economies. Standing to benefit most from the roll-out of cloud computing services are the distribution, retail and hotels sectors, with more than €233 billion in value expected to be created. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) today revealed new findings in Part II of EMC Corporation's (NYSE: EMC) 2011 Cloud Dividend report, focusing on key industry sectors in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK ...
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Cloud Computing Company Active Network Plans $150M IPO
By: Staff
Cloud-computing applications company Active Network Inc. planned to sell up to an estimated $150 million of common stock, raising money to repay debt.
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Cloud Computing: Rackspace Soars in Q4 2010
By: Elizabeth White
"While we are pleased that we achieved our goals for 2010, we have even more ambitious plans for 2011 that are designed to position us to succeed well in the future," said Lanham Napier, President & CEO of Rackspace Hosting as the company announced on Thursday its financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2010.
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Average company spends $6,300 on cloud computing, will spend 10 more this year
By: Joe McKendrick
A new survey asked companies about their average spend on cloud computing resources, and the results are surprising, in a low-spend way. That is, the average company spent just over $6,300 in 2010. This spending is expected to ramp up at least 10% during 2011.
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Contributions Results for Analysis: Financial Analysis

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