Aneka is a market oriented Cloud development and management platform with rapid application development and workload distribution capabilities. Aneka is an integrated middleware package which allows you to seamlessly build and manage an interconnected network in addition to accelerating development, deployment and management of distributed applications using Microsoft .NET frameworks on these networks. It is market oriented since it allows you to build, schedule, provision and monitor results using pricing, accounting, QoS/SLA services in private and/or public (leased) network environments.

Aneka is a workload distribution and management platform that accelerates applications in Microsoft .NET framework environments. Some of the key advantages of Aneka over other GRID or Cluster based workload distribution solutions include:
  • rapid deployment tools and framework,

  • ability to harness multiple virtual and/or physical machines for accelerating application result

  • provisioning based on QoS/SLA

  • support of multiple programming and application environments

  • simultaneous support of multiple run-time environments

  • built on-top of Microsoft .NET framework, with support for Linux environments through Mono

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