Werner Vogels

VP, CTO at Amazon.com, Inc

Werner Vogels is Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com where he is responsible for driving the company's technology vision, which is to continuously enhance the innovation on behalf of Amazon's customers at a global scale.

Prior to joining Amazon, he worked as a research scientist at Cornell University where he was a principal investigator in several research projects that targeted the scalability and robustness of mission-critical enterprise computing systems. He has held positions of VP of Technology and Chief Technology Officer in companies that handled the transition of academic technology into industry.

Vogels holds a PhD from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and has authored close to 80 articles for journals and conferences, most of them on distributed systems technologies for enterprise computing.

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Video: Strata 2011: Data Without Limits
Strata 2011: Data Without Limits with the CTO at Amazon.com.

Video: High Performance Computing on AWS
The CTO, Werner Vogels, and Sr Business Development Manager, Deepak Singh, at Amazon Web Services discuss how businesses and researchers can easily fulfill their high performance computational requirements with the added benefit of ad-hoc provisioning and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Video: Cloud Computing is Enabling Innovation and Faster Time to Market
The CTO at Amazon.com talks about how cloud computing is helping boost business in this market.

Video: Reality & The Cloud
Building on massive regional broadband and access initiatives, individuals and organizations now have ample opportunities to access a continuously growing variety of online services that are based on cloud computing.

Video: Computing Remotely
Amazon.com CTO, Werner Vogels, talks about cloud computing, the Indian market, and the economics of free services.

Video: The CTO at Amazon Gives Advice for the Future Iteem Entrepreneurs
Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon.com, gives advice to future entrepreneurs on how to innovate on top of other services.

Video: Gaining Altitude Part 2
The Chairman & CEO at Salesforce.com, Marc Benioff, and the VP & CTO at Amazon.com, Werner Vogels, discuss the direction of cloud computing at the Google Atmosphere event.

Video: Cloud Capability: Why Customers are Choosing Cloud Computing
The CTO at Amazon.com discusses why customers are choosing cloud computing at the Google Atmosphere event.

Video: Google Atmosphere Panel: The Perfect Storm
This panel of Cloud Computing professionals answers some key questions on this new emerging business model, including: Why now? Is business ready? Do new forms of collaboration increase productivity and innovation? & If it's so self evident, why hasn't everyone done this already? Panelists: Dr Wener Vogels - CTO, Amazon.com; Nicholas Carr - Author, The Big Switch; Paul Daugherty - Chief Technology Architect, Accenture; Dr Carsten Sorensen – LSE

Video: Clouds Over Washington: The Cloud and How it Can Serve Government
The CTO at Amazon, Werner Vogels, and the GSA's CIO, Casey Coleman, discuss the potential of cloud computing in government at the Gov 2.0 conference.

Article: Seamlessly Extending the Data Center - Introducing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
From young businesses and established enterprises to hospitals and government agencies, all are equally enthusiastic cloud customers for whom IT infrastructure has changed forever. Now, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) allows customers to seamlessly extend their IT infrastructure into the cloud while maintaining the levels required for their enterprise management tools to do their work.

Video: Fireside Chat with Greg Papadopoulos & Werner Vogels at GigaOM Structure
Former keynote speakers Greg Papadopoulos, CTO and EVP, Research and Development at Sun Microsystems and Werner Vogels, VP and CTO at Amazon.com, return to share their thoughts on the rise of Cloud Computing and what direction they see Amazon and Sun leading the evolution of the Cloud Computing industry and the opportunities it generates.

Article: CTO Roundtable: Cloud Computing
Contributors: Werner Vogels & Lew Tucker
How can companies take advantage of the new opportunities Cloud Computing provides? A CTO Roundtable discussion to give practitioners useful advice on how to evaluate cloud computing for their organizations. Five current thought leaders discuss the potential of cloud computing to solve business problems. They explore some of the basic principles behind cloud computing and highlight some of the key issues and opportunities that arise when computing moves from in-house to the cloud. Moderator: Mache Creeger, Principal at Emergent Technology Associates Panelists: Wener Vogels – CTO at Amazon.com; Greg Olsen - CTO & Founder of Coghead; Lew Tucker – CTO of Cloud Computing at Sun Microsystems; Greg Badros - Sr Director, Engineering at Google; Geir Ramleth – CIO at Bechtel; Steve Bourne - CTO at El Dorado Ventures

Video: How Cloud Platforms Change the Game for ISVs
Contributors: Werner Vogels , Steve Lucas & Mani Gill
Virtualization technologies and the subsequent emergence of cloud computing have changed the game for independent software vendors (ISVs), opening up a bewildering array of hosting, PaaS and SaaS options. This keynote panel brings together top executives from the leading platform providers to answer questions about what the evolving cloud landscape means for ISVs, examining the impact of utility provisioning on business models, development cycles, channel partnerships and customer retentionships. Moderator: John Chapman - Business Development Director, IT Europa Panelists: Mani Gill - VP, OnDemand, SAP Business Objects Division; Steve Lucas - SVP, Force.com, Marketing & ISV Recruitment, Salesforce.com; Treb Ryan - CEO, Opsource, Inc; Werner Vogels - VP & CTO, Amazon.com

Video: Building Confidence in The Cloud
Trust is the biggest obstacle to winning mainstream acceptance of cloud computing. Enterprises are not going to entrust business critical applications to the cloud unless they feel confident that providers won't let them down on a range of metrics including availability, performance, governance, security, privacy and sustainability. With a set of short presentations followed by a Q&A discussion, this panel looks at what SaaS and cloud providers can and are doing to enable and assure enterprise-class cloud computing. Moderator: Alexis Richardson - CEO & Co-Founder, Rabbit Technologies Ltd Presenters: Kevin O'Brien - Director, SaaS Strategy & Programs, Oracle Corporation; Pascal Walschots - Communications Sector, Microsoft EMEA; Werner Vogels - VP & CTO, Amazon.com

Presentation: Building Confidence in The Cloud PDF
Slides from Werner Vogels presentation at SIIA OnDemand Europe.

Video: Cloud Computing Power Panel Live from Times Square
Contributors: Werner Vogels , Hal Stern & John Engates
The panel includes Werner Vogels from Amazon.com, John Engates from Rackspace, Rod Fonticella from Booze Allen Hamilton and Hal Stern from Sun Microsystems.

Video: Dr Werner Vogels Interviewed by Kara Swisher at LeWeb 08
Dr Werner Vogels Interviewed by Kara Swisher at LeWeb 08

Video: Dr Werner Vogels Explains Cloud Computing to TiburonTV.
Dr Werner Vogels explains Cloud Computing to TiburonTV.

Video: A Head in the Cloud: The Power of Infrastructure as a Service
A lecture by Dr. Werner Vogels for the Stanford University Computer Systems Colloquium. This presentation reviews some of the lessons learned from building one of the world's largest distributed systems; Amazon.com. Dr. Vogels focuses on state management which is one of the dominating factors in the scalability, reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness of the overall system.

Video: Werner Vogels on the Future of Datacenter Virtualization
InfoWorld's Ephraim Schwartz talks to Werner Vogels about the future of datacenter virtualization.

All Things Distributed
Werner Vogels' weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.
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    I always enjoy looking for solutions to difficult challenges in non-obvious places. That is probably why I like using probabilistic techniques for problems that appear to be hard, or impossible to solve deterministically. The probabilistic approach may not result in the perfect result, but it may get you very close, and much faster than deterministic techniqu ...

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    This article titled "Überlebensstrategie für die digitale Transformation" appeared in German last week in the "Die Zukunft beginnt heute (the future starts today)" section of Wirtschaftwoche. ...

  • Expanding the AWS Cloud Introducing the AWS Europe (London) Region
  • December 14 2016
    In November 2015, Amazon Web Services announced that it would launch a new AWS infrastructure region in the United Kingdom. Today, I'm happy to announce that the AWS Europe (London) Region, our 16th technology infrastructure region globally, is now generally available for use by customers worldwide. UK companies are using AWS to innovate across diverse industries, such as en ...

  • Expanding the AWS Cloud: Introducing the AWS Canada (Central) Region
  • December 08 2016
    Earlier this year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it would launch a new AWS infrastructure region in Montreal, Quebec. Today, I'm happy to share that the Canada (Central) Region is available for use by customers worldwide. The AWS Cloud now operates in 40 Availability Zones within 15 geographic regions around the world, with seven more Availability Zones and three more regions ...

  • Transforming Development with AWS
  • December 01 2016
    In my keynote at AWS re:Invent today, I announced 13 new features and services (in addition to the 15 we announced yesterday). My favorite parts of James Bond movies is are where 007 gets to visit Q to pick up and learn about new tools of the trade: super-powered tools with special features which that he can use to complete his missions, and, in some cases, get out of some nas ...

  • Bringing the Magic of Amazon AI and Alexa to Apps on AWS.
  • November 30 2016
    From the early days of Amazon, Machine learning (ML) has played a critical role in the value we bring to our customers. Around 20 years ago, we used machine learning in our recommendation engine to generate personalized recommendations for our customers. Today, there are thousands of machine learning scientists and developers applying machine learning in various places, from recommend ...

  • MXNet - Deep Learning Framework of Choice at AWS
  • November 22 2016
    Machine learning is playing an increasingly important role in many areas of our businesses and our lives and is being employed in a range of computing tasks where programming explicit algorithms is infeasible. At Amazon, machine learning has been key to many of our business processes, from recommendations to fraud detection, from inventory levels to book classification to abusive ...

  • Spice up your Analytics: Amazon QuickSight Now Generally Available in N. Virginia, Oregon, and Ireland.
  • November 15 2016
    Previously, I wrote about Amazon QuickSight, a new service targeted at business users that aims to simplify the process of deriving insights from a wide variety of data sources quickly, easily, and at a low cost. QuickSight is a very fast, cloud-pow ...

  • Meet the Teams Competing for the Alexa Prize
  • November 14 2016
    On September 29, 2016, Amazon announced the Alexa Prize, a $2.5 million university competition to advance conversational AI through voice. We received applications from leading universities across 22 countries. Each application was carefully reviewed by senior Amazon personnel against a rigorous set of criteria covering scienti ...

  • Welcoming Adrian Cockcroft to the AWS Team.
  • October 24 2016
    I am excited that Adrian Cockcroft will be joining AWS as VP of Cloud Architecture. Adrian has played a crucial role in developing the cloud ecosystem as Cloud Architect at Netflix and later as a Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures. Prior to this, he held positions as Distinguished Engineer at eBay and Sun Microsystems. One theme that has been consistent throughout his career is that ...

  • Expanding the AWS Cloud: Introducing the AWS US East (Ohio) Region
  • October 17 2016
    Today I am very happy to announce the opening of the new US East (Ohio) Region. The Ohio Region is the fifth AWS region in the US. It brings the worldwide total of AWS Availability Zones (AZs) to 38, and the number of regions globally to 14. The pace of expansion at AWS is accelerating, and Ohio is our third region launch this year. In the remainder of 2016 and in 2017, we will launch ano ...

  • Accelerating Data: Faster and More Scalable ElastiCache for Redis
  • October 13 2016
    Fast Data is an emerging industry term for information that is arriving at high volume and incredible rates, faster than traditional databases can manage. Three years ago, as part of our AWS Fast Data journey we introduced Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, a fully managed in-memory data store that operates at sub-millisecond latenc ...

  • Introducing the Alexa Prize, It’s Day One for Voice
  • September 29 2016
    In the past voice interfaces were seen as gimmicks, or a nuisance for driving “hands-free.” The Amazon Echo and Alexa have completely changed that perception. Voice is now seen as potentially the most important interface to interact with the digitally connected world. From home automation to commerce, from news organizations to government agencies, from financial services to h ...

  • Allez, rendez-vous à Paris – An AWS Region is coming to France!
  • September 29 2016
    Today, I am very excited to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in France! Based in the Paris area, the region will provide even lower latency and will allow users who want to store their content in datacenters in France to easily do so. The new region in France will be ready for customers to use in 2017. Over the past 10 years, we have seen tremendous growth at AWS. As ...

  • A Hungry Neighbor is an Angry Neighbor
  • September 28 2016
    I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet with President Shimon Peres several times. Especially the first time, which was a 1:1 in his presidential residence, was an unforgettable experience. After I explained in 5 minutes the power of cloud for unlocking digital business building for everyone, he went on a lecture of half an hour how bringing economic prosperity to the region was crucial to achieving a long lasting peace. "A ...

  • New Ways to Discover and Use Alexa Skills
  • June 27 2016
    Introducing New Features That Make It Easier for Customers to Discover and Use Your Alexa Skills Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, powers voice experiences on millions of devices, including Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV devices, and devices like ...

  • Expanding the Cloud: Introducing the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region
  • June 27 2016
    In June 2015, Amazon Web Services announced that it would launch a new AWS infrastructure region in India. Today, I’m happy to announce that the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region is generally available for use by customers worldwide. The opportunity to revolutionize A region in India has been highly sought after by companies around the world who want to partici ...

  • Serverless Reference Architectures with AWS Lambda
  • June 10 2016
    Building your applications with only managed components has become very popular, and AWS Lambda plays a crucial role in that. I see a tremendous interest in examples how to build such applications, and articles such as "The Serverless Start-Up ...

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