Michael Gregoire

Chairman & CEO at Taleo Corporation

By Eric Herr
We were pleased to be able to recruit Michael as the CEO of Taleo. With his background in traditional software models he, more than most, saw the advantages of delivering enterprise software as a service. Michael’s first act at Taleo was to lead the company through a successful IPO. But it has been always clear to Michael this was only the starting point for his stewardship of the company. Under his guidance, Taleo’s focus on operational excellence and scalable leadership, human resources, and processes has delivered substantial top and bottom line growth. Taleo has expanded its product footprint from simply recruiting to performance management and compensation and is extending its reach from its enterprise roots down market to small and medium businesses. As a consequence, today, Taleo is the leader in the On Demand Talent Management marketplace with 2.5 million users in 200 countries, and 100 million job applicants.

Still, for Michael, Taleo is but one slice of life. Since 2001, he’s raced in 12 triathlons and is is a member of the #1 ranked California US Cycling Federation team. He’s also joined the Dean’s External Science Advisory Council at his alma mater, Wilfrid Laurier University, concentrating on helping them envision the next generation of science students.

Eric Herr is Lead Director at Taleo

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Michael Gregoire
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