Ken Oestreich

VP of Product Marketing at Egenera, Inc

Prior to Egenera, Ken led Product Marketing at Cassatt Corp., where he helped define the market for utility computing and internal cloud computing. Previously, Ken held a number of positions while at Sun Microsystems, including business management for an incubator business unit, coordinating Java and software strategy, and driving Developer Marketing, SI/ISV partnering and partner marketing. He began at Sun developing the emerging market for middleware and network-aware web services. Ken also helped found the Liberty Alliance, now an industry-wide 150+ company body which creates federated identity technology standards for the internet. Prior to Sun, he held a number of marketing and sales development positions in early-stage technology and consulting companies.

Ken’s career began as an engineer of digital electronics controlling adaptive optics with Litton Industries. Ken holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia University.

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Article: Why Utility Computing Failed (But Cloud Computing Didn't)
Since about 2006 I’ve been involved with data center IT automation. Back then I started with Cassatt, one of the first companies trying to automate infrastructure components in the data center. Rob Gingell, the CTO, had a design principle of “service-level automation”, where the variable monitored and maintained was the service, not the server. That was a revolutionary thought.

Article: Products for Cloud Ops vs Traditional Ops
Most in IT agree that Cloud Computing - while not a technology - does impact how technology is used within IT, and also implies a change in how IT operations will manage infrastructure. So it comes as no surprise that a number of traditional point-product IT Service Management (ITSM) products might be obviated by the new cloud computing operational paradigm - while others may morph in how they're used. Here are five dimensions for how ITSM product use might shift within a Cloud model.

Video: An Interview with Egenera
Dell's Cloud Computing Evangelist, Barton George, talks to Egenera's Ken Oestreichat CloudWorld.

Article: Profiling questions nobody is asking regarding Cloud-Based Applications
Article discussing the appropriateness of different types of applications for the cloud. Issues involving performance, regulatory/legal, dynamics and operations are reviewed. Not all applications are appropriate for the cloud!

Article: Building a Real-World IaaS Cloud Foundation
A brief analysis at where Infrastructure-as-a-Service fits in the Cloud computing 'stack', as well as some ideas regarding how to go about actually architecting and building a real-world cloud IaaS infrastructure.

Article: Cloud Computing Forever Changes Consolidation and Capacity Management
Traditional ITSM (IT Service Management) implies that capacity management and consolidation management are core operational tools. But with the advent of "elastic" capacity and cloud computing, are these tools really needed anymore?

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