Dave Nielsen

Co-Founder of CloudCamp & Founder & Principal Consultant at Platform D LLC

Dave Nielsen is a Web Services industry professional with over 6 years of experience guiding high profile developer programs for companies such as PayPal, Strikeiron and many others. As a seasond developer, entreprenuer, technical evangelist and director of partner programs, Dave's experience gives him the experience and credibility to help guide your product strategy and develop a developer marketing plan to help you succeed.

Dave is a Co-Founder of CloudCamp and author of the book PayPal Hacks. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business (Marketing) from Cal Poly State University: San Luis Obispo (aka Cal Poly:SLO).

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Video: Syneuros 1st Public Introduction @ Cloud Camp San Diego
Contributors: Michael Krumpe & Dave Nielsen
First public introduction of Syneuros, an Open Source project by Intelligent Technology Integration (ITI) that enables a desktop pc to allocate power to a Private Cloud. This presentation builds the business case and how Syneuros addresses it. This presentation was was Cloud Camp San Diego, after The Open Group Architecture Framework conference. Michael Krumpe is also TOGAF 9 certified, and Patent Pending holder for the Syneuros method.

Video: An Interview with the Founder of Cloud Camp
An Interview with the Founder of Cloud Camp

Video: CloudCamp Founder Teaches How to Start an Unconference
CloudCamp Co-Founder Dave Nielsen talks about how the unconference works and what it takes to start one of your own.


Paypal Hacks

By Dave Nielsen , Shannon Sofield & Dave Burchell
September 24 2004

PayPal provides the means for people to conduct financial transactions online, instantly and securely. Paypal Hacks shows you how to make the most of PayPal to get the most out of your online business or transaction. The collection of tips and tricks in PayPal Hacks shows you how to find or even build the right tools for using PayPal to buy and sell on eBay or as a transaction provider for ecommerce on your own site. Written for all PayPal users, from those just starting out to those developing sophisticated ecommerce sites, this book begins with the basics such as setting up your account, than moves quickly into specific tips and tools for buyers, sellers, and developers. Each hack consists of a task to be accomplished or a creative solution to a problem, presented in a clear, logical, and task-oriented format.
Dave Nielsen
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