Aaron Fulkerson

Founder & CEO at MindTouch, Inc

Aaron is a multifaceted entrepreneur and technology advocate. He has held senior management positions at three technology startups and has helped to launch non-profits and businesses outside the technology industry. Aaron received his BS in Computer Science from University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. He worked for Microsoft Advanced Strategies and Policies on distributed systems and owned and operated a successful technology consulting firm. He is a recognized expert on communities, software, and open source and is regularly asked to speak on these topics at conferences and Universities.

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Video: Collaborative Networking: How it's Different
An Explanation of how Collaborative Networks fit in the enterprise collaboration landscape.

Presentation: What is Web Oriented Architecture?
A presentation delivered by the CEO of MindTouch at GlueCon discussing WOA.

Video: Aaron Fulkerson Talks About Open Source Company Leadership
Aaron talks about Mindtouch, but has lots to say about why leadership and promotional ability are necessary for any successful open source project.

Video: MindTouch Deki Demo
MindTouch Deki Demo

Video: Talking about Wikis with Mindtouch
Aaron Fulkerson and Steve Bjork, co-founders of MindTouch, talk about the Wiki market and what makes their tool better than others.

Video: Demo of MindTouch
Aaron Fulkerson, co-founder of Mindtouch, gives us a demo of what makes his wiki tool better than other wiki tools. Specifically its strengths are that it's open source and that it has a great API.

Video: The Basics of DekiWiki Hayes
This inaugural videocast covers the basics of DekiWiki Hayes' new architecture.

  • On the Road Again: MindTouch Caught Up With Paul Greenberg Who Brings the Thunder with This CRM Evolution 2016 Preview
  • May 23 2016
    The MindTouch event schedule would make Willie Nelson proud as we’re on the road again. After curating conversations for you at Gainsight’s Pulse2016 and SAP’s annual SAPPHIRE NOW event the past two weeks, we are onto Washington D.C. for CRM Evolution and Customer Service Experience. CRM Evolution is a long-standing event in the customer engagement […] The post ...

  • Dan Steinman of Gainsight Talks About the Evolution of Pulse and the Customer Success Movement
  • May 19 2016
    Dan Steinman knows a thing or two about Customer Success, not only is he the Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, but he is author to one of the leading books on the topic, “How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue .” Dan has seen the full transformation of Customer Success from fighting […] The post ...

  • Watch how Whirlpool Transforms the Customer Experience using SAP and MindTouch
  • May 18 2016
    MindTouch CEO and Co-Founder, Aaron Fulkerson, caught up with Kimberly Matthews Giandiletti, the Sr. Manager, Go to Market at Whirlpool during this year’s SAP SAPPHIRENOW conference. In this exclusive video interview, you will hear Whirlpool’s customer first approach to engaging buyers across all three phases of the customer journey. Video by Ari Hoffman, Video Editing by Liam […] The post ...

  • A Heartbeat For Customer Success: Pulse 2016
  • May 13 2016
    What do SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SalesForce, and Gainsight ALL have in Common? A hand on their customer’s pulse! Ok, so Gainsight might produce the software that others use to listen in, but that doesn’t mean they don’t track their own customer’s heartbeat as well.  At the ‘Pulse’ Conference 2016, hosted by Gainsight and sponsored by […] The post ...

  • Michelle Moody Talks Branding and the Customer Experience for Ford’s Subscription Products
  • May 10 2016
    Since the automotive industry introduced leases in the early 80’s they have been ahead of the curve when it comes to the subscription model. Michelle Moody, Connected Vehicle Marketing Manager at Ford, has watched this shape the industry over the last three decades. The largest change is the list of services you can add onto […] The post ...

  • Re-Thinking with a Customer-Centered Lens: An Interview with Ben Kepes, Independent Analyst
  • May 06 2016
    From investing, to board governance, to enterprise consultation, Ben Kepes, Director of Diversity Limited, knows exactly what technology based tools exist to help companies digitally transform while keeping the Customer Experience at the forefront of their growth model. He helps enterprise companies understand that the modern era requires a customer-centric approach that is geared for […] The post ...

  • Embracing the Customer’s Perspective: An Interview with Sandeep Arora, Knack Systems
  • May 05 2016
    Sandeep Arora, COO of Knack Systems, speaks with Ari Hoffman at SAP Hybris Summit 2016 about using MindTouch to understand the contumer's perspective from pre-sale to renewals and up-sells. The post Embracing the Customer’s Perspective: An Interview with Sandeep Arora, Knack Systems appeared first on ...

  • Time to Get Your Tech Writer out of the Closet
  • May 05 2016
    Lily M., the MindTouch Success Center architect and writer, says If you are looking at your tech writer as a necessarily evil to clean up your manuals and make technically convoluted information digestible to the general populace, you are cheating yourself. The post Time to Get Your Tech Writer out of the Closet appeared first on ...

  • Jeffrey Jacobs of Caterpillar Talks IoT and Transforming the Customer Experience
  • May 03 2016
    Caterpillar is making the move from a production company, to a service provider, while still producing products. This is made possible by the thousands of machines turning to the IoT (internet of things) to analyze billions of data points, buyers demanding a subscription model, and companies changing the way they view the customer journey. Jeffrey […] The post ...

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