About Cloudbook

Cloudbook was founded to help accelerate the adoption of cloud computing by providing a comprehensive and educational resource community. Cloudbook brings together top thought leaders, experts and specialists to share their insights and experiences with the broader public. Their contributions are indexed into a comprehensive resource directory that is easy to navigate and allows users to familiarize and connect with the authors.

Cloudbook has also compiled a number of additional resources including events, products & services, research projects, news articles and more to deliver a complete resource for the community.

As an independent company, Cloudbook can convey the cloud story without bias. This approach provides our audience an unfiltered and appreciated view of what’s happening throughout the cloud computing industry.

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The Cloudbook Community

At the core of Cloudbook is a community of contributors made up of professionals from a variety of cloud computing backgrounds. Currently the Cloudbook community is 524 Contributors strong and includes chief executives, entrepreneurs, developers, analysts, customers, academic researchers, marketing professionals, authors, and more.

Contributors share their personal insights and experiences in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, papers, reports, blogs, books and other online content.


Each contributor has a profile that provides a personalized look at their accomplishments so you can familiarize yourself with authors of your favorite content or find additional resources by the same author.

Cloudbook Contributors A Contributor Profile allows you to,
  • Become familiar with a contributor's accomplishments and background
  • Explore a full list of their contributions
  • Read their personal Blog feed
  • Contact them through email
  • Connect to their social network accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Get links to their YouTube channel and Wikipedia profile
  • Find upcoming events and webinars where they are speaking
If you'd like to share your cloud insights and experiences with the community, consider becoming a contributor. It's free.


Cloud computing companies can also participate in the community by showcasing resources that help educate the public and provide details on their products and services. Much like the contributors, a company profile provides a list of resources, an email contact button, and links to social network accounts. In addition, company profiles have a list of products with supporting resources, events and webinars.

You can also become familiar with members of the company team by accessing individual contributor profiles that contain personal accomplishments and insights.

If you'd like to showcase your company please contact a Cloudbook representative for more details.

Cloudbook Partners

Cloudbook has aligned itself with a group of like minded organizations that actively promote cloud computing through events and online resources. Like Cloudbook, our partners are focused on bringing leaders of the cloud community together to discuss, analyze and educate the broader public in an attempt to help build awareness and promote the growth of cloud computing. Each of our partners has a profile with details on their services and events.

If you'd like to partner with Cloudbook please contact one of our representatives for more details.

Cloud Products & Services Directory

Cloud Products & Services Directory
Cloudbook has the single largest Cloud Computing product & services directory with 2149 companies and 2888 cloud solutions. These solutions are easily searchable through an interactive menu which provides a list of Application (SaaS), Platform (PaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS) & Network services. In addition there is a comprehensive list of System Integrators, Consultants, Analyst Firms, & other various Cloud related professionals.

If your product or service is not listed, then consider adding it to the products & services directory. It's free.

Cloud Applications
on-demand software solutions that are generally designed for the non-technical end user. They are typically called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
Cloud Platforms
services used by developers to build applications. These include development and test environments, data integration tools, middleware and cloud service management applications. They are typically called Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
Compute & Storage Clouds
anything related to building, managing, or consuming cloud infrastructure services. This includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Backup & Disaster Recovery services, Infrastructure & Operations Software, and Security Resources.
a cloud needs to run in a physical data center. These services are for providers building cloud services or companies who want to consider private cloud options.
Network Cloud Services
cloud customers must connect to the cloud over a Network. These services are for providers building cloud services or companies who want to consider private cloud options.
Cloud Enablers
professionals who assist in developing strategies, selecting services, and building cloud applications and infrastructure. This group includes consultants, system integrators and analysts.
Other Directories
These directories allow you to search and explore the many not-for-profit organizations and government entities that are advancing the use of cloud computing. If you would like to feature your program or project let us know and we will give you access to your own customizable profile.

Government Clouds

Governments from around the world are starting to take notice of the flexibility, operational benefits and substantial cost savings that cloud computing can provide. This section highlights some of the government programs that are utilizing Cloud Computing.

Research Clouds

Many organizations around the world have started to invest in the research of technologies that supports the Cloud Computing operation model. This section showcases some of the research work being done by vendors, academia, government and more.

Cloud Groups

The Groups in this section are a collection of not-for-profit and member operated organizations that are working on advancing Cloud Computing standards, interoperability, security, business processes and more through the collaboration of academia, government, consumers and vendors.

Cloud Computing Resources Directory

The Resource Directory was designed to give you easy access to the thousands of cloud computing resources available throughout Cloudbook. You can sort resources using predefined indexes or look for specific terms with the search bar located beneath the directory.

The directory is built in three levels. The top level breaks the directory up into different audiences so you can find cloud computing topics that focus on your areas of interest without having to sift through irrelevant content.

resources for the cloud computing beginers, including: definitions, taxonomies, and introductions to the cloud. resources to help customers build their cloud strategies, select products, and manage their services. resources to help vendors understand the Cloud models, develop their businesses, and market their product. resources to help providers build cloud services or buyers customize them to meet their needs. select an industry from the drop down menu and find resources that relate to your specific field of interest. insights into the cloud industry. This includes financial, measurement, customer adoption, general commentary, and more.
To make things even easier we have added a Custom View that allows you to save your favorite Directory Indexes, Industries, and personalized Searches for quick access. Use the "add to my preferences" link that appears below the resource menu when navigating or searching the directory. Your preferences will then be saved under the "Custom View" tab allowing for quick navigation to your favorite indexes and searches.

The content is then filtered by content type and displayed in separate tabs beneath the resource directory.
commentary from the cloud community in the form of blog posts, online publications, PDFs, and more.
podcasts and other online audio recordings of interviews or group discussions on cloud related topics.
slides in downloadable PowerPoint files or embedded on media platforms such as Slideshare and scribd.
embedded or linked video content that is hosted online at YouTube, Brightcove and other social media sites.
research documents, technical overviews, and white papers generally in a downloadable PDF format.
publications from analysts and cloud organizations on financial trends, business practices, customer adoption, and other aspects of the cloud computing industry.
Government Programs
overviews of cloud computing programs developed by worldwide government agencies with links and supporting resources.
Research Projects
overviews of research projects from worldwide vendors, academic organizations, government agencies, and more with links and supporting resources.
the latest updates on the cloud industry from around the web, also featured in the Cloud News section.
Web Resources
additional online resources and applications to help you track performance, financial markets, or search for cloud related information.


Build Your Own Resource Library

Now you can save your favorite stories, papers, videos, research projects, government programs, news
articles, and more by selecting the "add to favorites" Star located next to all resources throughout They will then appear on your User Profile and allow you to easily access and share with colleagues and friends.
You can also save favorites from the Products & Services Directory and the Events Calendar
  • Collect Products & Services to compare
  • Save a Lengthy Video to watch when you have more time
  • Set aside a great article for easy access to share with colleagues at a later date
  • Keep interesting Events and Webinars so you don’t miss them
You no longer have to read or watch everything at once. Just click, save, and access from your User Profile or the Custom View tab on the resource directory.


The Cloud Computing Bookstore contains a collection of books written by members of the Cloudbook community. They include books on building your cloud business, developing strategies, understanding cloud security, marketing your products, utilizing social networks, architecting cloud applications, and more. Most of the books are available from and can be purchased with the click of a button.

If you’re interested in featuring your book in the Cloudbook bookstore just submit a request to become a contributor.

All of the resources are sorted by publication date so the newest content always shows up on top. If you would like to view the latest additions just select any of the new logos and you will find a list of the latest content added to the site.
Share any resource with your social communities using the share buttons located throughout the site.

Cloud Computing Events Calendar

The Cloud Computing Events Calendar gives a comprehensive listing of physical and virtual events, webinars, and educational workshops from around the globe. You can search for upcoming events or add your own through your user account.

The calendar is broken into months with a list of featured events at the start of every section. Featured events are added by our partners and clients, many of which include special promotional codes for discounted registration.

The color coded dates next to each listing allows you to quickly scan the calendar for specific event types. There are currently four event types listed in the Cloudbook calendar,

Location Events
conventions, summits, conferences, and any event that is hosted at a physical location.
Virtual Events
online events that are presented like a physical conference with multiple speakers and presentations, sometimes hosted over a series of days.
online product overviews or informational panel discussions generally hosted by one or two vendors and take an hour to present.
certification or educational programs that can teach participants how to use specific cloud services or educate them on broader areas of the cloud ecosystem.

If you would like to add your events, webinars, or workshops to the Calendar just select the “add event” option from your user account.

Cloudbook Journal

Cloudbook publishes a periodic Journal with a collection of exclusive stories from leaders in the cloud community. The featured stories are exclusive to Cloudbook and combine traditional storytelling and online multimedia, like videos and eBooks, to help educate the community. Many of the stories are also made available through the iTunes bookstore and the kindle store.

If you would like us to consider a story that you have authored please submit it for review.

The Latest Issue

Cloudbook Journal Volume 3 Issue 2 Cloudbook Journal: Vol 3 Issue 2, 2012

Cloudbook Journal Volume 3 Issue 2

Highly Available in the Cloud
In this issue of the Cloudbook Journal, we share stories such as:
* Delivering highly available shadow sites in the cloud
* Cloud analytics on AWS
* In-Person event planning in the cloud
* Unlocking the commercial potential in your cloud software
* Velocity marketing
* How to do cloud marketing in a recession
Read Vol 3 Issue 2

User Accounts

A Cloudbook user account allows you to participate in the community by giving you access to a series of interactive functions. With a user account you can,

Save your favorite articles, videos, papers, research projects, events, products, and more.
Promote your upcoming events and webinars in the calendar
List your company’s products & services in our comprehensive directory
Send us your articles for publication in the Cloudbook journal
Submit your research projects, government programs, or cloud groups.
Make requests to become a contributor or feature your company
Connect with contributors by email
Get the latest updates on new Cloudbook features, journal releases, and featured events.

Your user profile collects all of your favorite resources, submissions, events, and products so you can access, update, or add to them at any time.

All that’s required is your name and a valid email to start building your own personalized Cloudbook experience.

Cloudbook Services

Cloudbook provides a wide range of services designed to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing services. We can help vendors tell their story with the depth required to engage and educate the reader.

Story Creation

Cloudbook Stories
Cloudbook Videos

We start with an educational story told from a journalist perspective, but use the client’s products and knowledge as examples. We then add online multimedia, like videos and audio, that is produced, recorded and edited by Cloudbook professionals. Finnaly we make your story available through mobile platforms like iPad & kindle.

Cloudbook also creates unique cover art for the story and
promotes it through a number of channels. The story will be
given a dedicated landing page on with
company and contributor information and be made available
in multiple formats, including eBook, PDF and physical print.

Cloudbook on iPad & kindle


Whether created by Cloudbook or by others, Cloudbook can publish your stories through a number of venues including:
  • A dedicated Web page, optimized for search.
  • The Cloudbook Journal, in print and online PDF.
  • The iTunes Bookstore for iPad and other mobile devices.
  • At for download on the Kindle.

Cloudbook Community


Cloudbook will promote your story through a number of channels, including:
  • The home page Featured Story and Featured Video sections.
  • Cloudbook resources directory Featured Story results
  • Cloudbook’s social network accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Cloudbook’s email newsletter.

At Cloudbook, we believe an effective go-to-market plan includes an educational campaign, periodically telling stories that support fundamental company messages, along with reinforcing customer stories.

Contact Us

If you have a cloud computing story you want to tell, publish or promote, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Cloudbook Team

Vince Vasquez

Vince Vasquez brings over twenty-five years of experience in high tech positions at companies such as Sun, HP and Cray Research. He has held a wide range of positions, including sales, marketing, business development, software development, and IC manufacturing. Most recently, Vince created and ran Sun's Software-as-a-Service program, and assisted with business development in Sun's Cloud efforts, both of which focused on delivering go-to-market success for customers and partners.

Vince holds an MBA from Stanford University, MSEE from Carnegie-Mellon, and BSEECS from UC Berkeley.

Timothy Chou
Strategic Advisor

Timothy Chou has been a leader in bringing business applications to the cloud since 1999, when he became President of Oracle On Demand. Since leaving Oracle in 2005 he has focused on being a teacher, lecturer, author and investor in cloud computing.

In 2006, he returned to Stanford University and started CS309A, the first class on software as a service and cloud computing. And in 2009, he started a 10-lecture series on cloud computing at Tsinghua University in Beijing China. He published his first book, The End of Software in 2005 and in 2009 released his second book Cloud: Seven Clear Business Models.

Dr. Chou has appeared in various publications including Forbes, BusinessWeek, The Economist and The New York Times as well as on CNBC and NPR. He continues to be an active public speaker keynoting events in Europe, Asia and North America.

Colin Hoisington
Graphic Design

Colin Hoisington simultaneously studied Art Studio (Creation of Fine Art) and Biological Sciences at the University of California Santa Barbara. He combined these disciplines for several years while managing the Scientific Visualization Center for the Integrative Biology Department at UC Berkeley. After a decade of displaying his mixed-media paintings throughout San Francisco galleries, Colin has relocated to Madrid Spain, where he continues his studies of fine art.

Colin is the creative genius behind most of the really cool featured story cover art.

John Ryan
Senior Copy Editor

John Ryan spent 16 years as a writer and editor in the newspaper industry before getting his head in the clouds. He has written about television, new media, sports, and even an article or two about actual people. He currently edits government-related documents within the computing industry.

Michael Paim
Senior Videographer

A native of Silicon Valley, Michael Paim brings his wide array of marketing, entrepreneurial, and media production experience to create compelling video and new media for Cloudbook.

Since 2000, Michael has been an Executive Producer at Michael John Productions and his work has been seen in film and television internationally as well as locally. He has spent 10 years on the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Professional Videographers Association with awards and honors. Before that, Michael was Production Manager at internet video pioneer EterniTV. His prior experience includes marketing work for high-tech startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Michael holds a double Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and International Business.