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Vol 3 Issue 2
Cloud Computing Story
Delivering Highly Available Shadow Sites in the Cloud
by Whitney Mountain
When it comes to cloud computing, security issues can scare many companies so much that they become afraid of their own shadows. But a company called Foresight is taking the shadows of their clients’ websites and making friends ....
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How to build a Server in the Time it Takes to Get a Latte
Burstorm CTSO Edward Wustenhoff demonstrates how easy and quickly one can start a Blog Server on GoGrid

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What is Cloud Computing
2013 in review: 'Cloud' is now normal. And so the real work begins!
By: Larry Freeman
Cloud has proven to be a sticky marketing term, even (especially?) among non-technical consumers. In 2013, the average consumer began to understand just what the cloud was all about: an immense repository of data and services that are broadly accessible.
Code To The Cloud: Microsoft Announces Coding Contest For ISVs And Tech Start-Ups
By: BizTech2
Microsoft India, today, launched a contest for independent software vendors (ISVs) and technology start- ups that is expected to result in the creation of over 100 applications (apps) and solutions for businesses and governments in six months. The contest is supported by a panel of organisations including National Informatics Centre (NIC) of the Government of India, NASSCOM, TiE, Nokia, Nokia App Campus, Intel and BarrierBreak.
How is cloud computing enhancing our ability to work anywhere?
By: Adam Davidi
What are the barriers to workplace mobility?: I think the concept of moving to a 'mobile' way of working can frighten organisations that are currently very fixed and immobile. Most often, mobility in the first instance means the ability of employees to be mobile within their office, and to use a far wider variety of spaces in the office. This then sets up the technological and cultural ability to allow employees to work from anywhere – be that at home, on a train, in a coffee shop and so on.
The Future of Cloud Hosting: Five Predictions
By: Ben Uretsky
The rapid growth of cloud computing follows a logical trajectory that began with the dot-com boom in the '90s. With more small businesses needing server capacity to manage the outbreak of websites, it created a market for shared hosting to meet consumer need at a much lower cost. But shared hosting has limited configuration capabilities, and user access to the operating system is constrained -- hence the rise of cloud computing.
Article: Server virtualization nested and tiered hypervisors
By: Greg Schulz - Sr. Advisor, Author and Consultant at The Server and StorageIO Group (StorageIO)
Tiered hypervisors can be as simple as different technologies such as VMware vSphere/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM or Xen in your environment on different PM.
Article: AppZero Launches Partner Promotion to Jumpstart Migration to Windows Server 2012 or Any Cloud
By: Greg O'Connor - CEO at AppZero
With less than one year to WS 2003 end of support, Microsoft-recommended solution for enterprise application Jumpstart Migration now available Andover, Mass., July 22, 2014 -- With less than one year to go until the end of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, AppZero has launched a promotional offer aimed at helping customers cost effectively migrate their applications to newer operating systems such as Windows 2012 and Azure, using the Microsoft-recommended AppZero for "up-level" OS migration -- or provision them to any cloud instantly. The AppZero Jumpstart Migration Offer, available through AppZero Silver, Gold and Premier Partners, will run from July 14, 2014 to Oct. 14, 2014. It provides five server licenses for $1,500 with the ability to migrate an unlimited number of appl....
Article: AppZero to Launch New Application Modernization Tool to Mitigate the Risks of Windows Server 2003 End of Life at Microsoft Tech Ed Conference
By: Greg O'Connor - CEO at AppZero
Andover, MA; May 12, 2014 – Microsoft Tech Ed 2014 attendees will get a first look at the only automated application migration tool for modernizing enterprise server applications ahead of the end of life of Windows Server 2003 when AppZero releases AppZero V6 during the conference May 12-15 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. Microsoft and AppZero will also cohost a webinar “How to Solve the Challenge of WS 2003 End of Life” on May 29 at 1:00 (EST) showing AppZero V6 in action.
Podcast: Chat with Cash Coleman talking ClearDB, cloud database and Johnny Cash
By: Greg Schulz - Sr. Advisor, Author and Consultant at The Server and StorageIO Group (StorageIO)
We talk about Database as a Service that can be deployed local or in cloud providers environment, improving performance of MySQL and how CleardDB gets used as part of Azzure MySQL deployments and more including the Johnny Cash connection.
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